Quiz: What Are Your Life Lessons And Natural Abilities?

Quiz: What Are Your Life Lessons And Natural Abilities?

A couple of months ago, we played with numerology to find out your life’s purpose. Here’s another fun way to work with your number to get clearer about your life lessons and natural abilities.

Add up your full birthday:


( __ + __ ) + ( __ + __ ) + ( __ + __ + __ + __) = __ + __  / __

   month            day                   full year              (a)      (b)     (c)    


For example, my birthday is:



0+9+0+2+1+9+6+9= 36


Then, add those digits together:

For example:
3 + 6 = 9

(If you have a 2-digit number after adding, add those 2 digits together so you have one number.)

Place the first digit of the added numbers in (a) and the second digit in (b) and add them together for (c). 

 ___(a)___ + ___(b)___ = ___(c)___
For example:

3 + 6 = 9

Fill in the blanks with the numbers that go with their corresponding letters:

I am a ___(a)___(while) working through ___(b)___ to  (become)___(c)___.

For example:

I am a 3  (while) working through 6  to (become)  9.

Refer to the meaning of each number below, and choose ONE DESCRIPTION for each number that resonates or has the most energy for you right now in regards to how you view your life lessons and natural abilities:

a.)    ______________________________________________________
b.)    _______________________________________________________

c.)    _______________________________________________________

For example:

        a.) I am letting go of the past for the new to be born
        b.) making choices that change direction for the good
        c.) attaining a goal

Then, build a sentence by filling in the blanks below with the descriptions of the numbers that correspond to the letters a, b and c that you chose above, creating a final statement:

In regards to how I view my life lessons and natural abilities in my life right now,

I’m ________(a)_________, (while) working through
____________(b)________________ to (become) _______________________(c)____________________________.

My example:

In regards to how I view my life lessons and natural abilities, I’m letting go of the past for the new to be born, while making choices that change direction for the good to attain a goal.

Voila! An instant, affirming, positive life lesson statement! 

Here are some number descriptions to draw from:

0. Experiencing emptiness, opening, feeling ready to explore, having divine protection, getting extra divine help.

1. Planting seeds and growing roots, initiating a new start, knowing my potential, getting focused, realizing opportunity, having courage, applying mindfulness and attention, reaching for my highest achievement, being inspired, receiving good, enjoying simplicity, asserting my will/leadership, pioneering ideas, learning self-reliance, making my mark, starting a new cycle, wanting to do it my way.

2. Healing separation in relationship to myself and others with love and sensitivity, needing to join forces, using intuition, being guided toward inner knowing, deepening love, needing balance, making decisions, turning experience into a learning opportunity, moving into higher awareness, transforming, keeping things balanced, helping people from behind the scenes.

3. Creating with spontaneity and enthusiasm a happier state, letting go of the past for the new to be born, loving unconditionally, feeling fulfilled with work, needing to surrender in order to move into a happier state, letting go of the way I’ve defined myself, taking pleasure in art, food, design, beauty or luxury, staying positive, connecting with others more deeper.

4. Establishing a foundation for myself, knowing the power I hold within, putting focus inward, building a solid foundation, desiring change, wanting security, marking a passage or a milestone, using self-control, realizing this is a space and time where something special can occur, expanding self-empowerment, creating a structure, working hard.

5. Willing to overcome obstacles, learning from mistakes, adapting, learning from experience, healing, searching for freedom, needing moderation, recovering from addiction or abuse, shifting negative habits/patterns, handling reactivity, facing adversity, making necessary changes, solving problems, finding comfort in uncertainty, experiencing loss, needing more inner balance, finding freedom, traveling, moving, adventuring, freeing myself up, wanting to learn to do something.

6. Making choices that change direction for the good, understanding the benefits of giving, being receptive to others needs including my own, feeling supported and supporting others, creating opportunity for success, receiving reward or recognition, coming into balance, appreciating and feeling appreciated, committing to the truth that lies in my heart, spending time with my children and family, being of service to others.

7. Preparing for change, acknowledging that I have all that I need, going in a new uplifting direction, realizing struggles/tests have caused me to mature, experiencing movement, correcting imbalance, seeking spiritual awareness and inner wisdom, using skill and courage, putting forth effort, taking chances, using my imagination, finding strength, reflecting inwardly, wanting to learn something all the way, having good health.

8. Letting go of what binds me, drawing on my inner power, achieving results, using my energy wisely, being my own authority, entering into a new phase, making intentions manifest, acknowledging error, being determined, having confidence in my unfolding life purpose, strong in mind and body, success in business or out in the world.

9. Developing wisdom, completing something, having fulfillment, coming to a conclusion, attaining a goal, relying on myself, gaining self-awareness, surrendering judgment, being disciplined, having healing power, on an inner journey where wisdom is revealed, calm/satisfied/contented, recognizing I have what I need, seeing the broader, bigger picture, being generous, deep introspection on the path I’m walking.

10. Being at home with myself as I transition through change, experiencing mastery, realizing the sum of all the work I’ve done, experiencing results, feeling responsibility to my family and community, heading in a new direction, giving meaning to experience, ready to begin anew, experiencing wholeness, transforming, preparing for a new cycle, feeling fulfilled, knowing joy and happiness is mine.

11. Being a master, inspirational teacher/leader/visionary/speaker, having fame, notoriety, intuitive, uplifting people through spirituality and psychology.

12. Building structures that help others, an executive of a large organization, affecting many lives, building facilities or infrastructures for other people to have a higher quality of life.

Use this formula anytime you want by referring to the descriptions that meet your present moment. It always changes but can offer inspiring insight.

Here’s to having fun while exploring your life lessons and natural gifts!