The Muse in You

Embracing Creativity to Overcome Life’s Difficulties

Everything we do is creative: the way we think, the way we problem solve, the way we make the most of our lives. But when experiencing challenging times, difficult life transitions, or grief from a loss, it’s easy for creativity to vanish and disquiet to settle in. In this guidebook, Lynn Newman sends a powerful message: It is possible to remake your life into something extraordinary. Through personal stories, exercises, meditations, and inspired questions, learn to create a life on purpose by transcending adversity to find peace and happiness, unleashing the truest parts of yourself to experience more passion and ease, and following curiosity to jumpstart your creative journey. If you are ready to shine more brightly, these lessons are your loving reminders that there is a muse in you!


The Game of You

An Interactive Way to Know Yourself. Create the Life You Want

The game of you is about YOU. Based on contemporary tarot, this book and card deck set focuses on present time to create inner and outer change now. Included are practical, spiritual, psychological, and creative tools that offer insight and demonstrates how to resolve issues that arise day-to-day, develop stronger inner relationships to have healthier outer relationships, and maps out how to navigate transitions that you may experience on your life path. With intention and intuition, enter a magical, powerful, profound, and fun experience of self-discovery and transformation.



The Game of Insight

A Board Game for 2-6 Players

Powerful, profound, and fun, the object of this game is to resolve any issue of each player's choosing. Discover your purpose on your life path, gain helpful insight into relationships, receive guidance on how to best manage your day-to-day, and learn transformative tools in a dynamic intimate group experience. Through heartfelt interaction, as well as through feedback from the game cards, each player makes positive change on the mental, emotional, spiritual, and physical levels. Discover a renewed sense of purpose with this unique game play, offering a magical, surprising, awakening, and life-changing adventure.

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