I’m Lynn Newman.

  • Creativity Expert with a Bachelor of Fine Arts and a Master in Counseling Psychology
  • Author of The Muse In You: Embracing Creativity To Overcome Life’s Difficulties
  • Author + Creator of self-exploratory games like The Game of You™ and The Game of Insight™

My joy, purpose and passion in life is to teach people a fundamental human truth:

Everything we do is creative and, when we apply creativity to making the most of our lives, we can achieve a happiness and wholeness like no other — a true masterpiece.

I’ve been a therapist, artist, writer, spiritual teacher, and entrepreneur, all with the goal of guiding people to create their wildest desires and dreams.

Can your life really be a masterpiece? YES.

Maybe you feel like your life couldn’t possibly measure up to that. That you could never have all of the inner peace, happiness, and love you’ve always wanted.

But the truth is, you can—and the only way through is to meet yourself deep down inside, in all of your imperfect glory to find your own beating heart.

The creative process is not always nice and neat. You get paint under your fingernails, or the soufflé you’re baking collapses, or you find yourself surrounded by crumpled drafts of your short story.

The crumpled drafts of LIFE can look like…
  • A relationship that is causing discomfort or unhappiness
  • Experiencing a life transition, releasing an unwanted habit, loss of a loved one, or seeking a fresh change.
  • Feeling overwhelmed, blocked or uninspired.
  • Uncertainty about how to start to regain your life zest and wanting a creative jumpstart
Difficulties — and even your most painful times — are creativity’s guides to shining more brightly!

They are life’s way of asking you to step up to new levels so that you can claim your most magnificent self and return to the beauty and magic available to you in your daily life.


Life is this big, messy thing,
and that’s why it’s beautiful.

The most freeing act of my life was learning how to celebrate and love myself: this person who made mistakes, who failed sometimes, and who didn’t always get what she wanted.

Another truth? Accepting all of you, and allowing the good to exist alongside the bad and the ugly, actually makes more room for joy to radiate within you.

It’s my calling to show you how.


“For many people, Lynn will be the guide to help you know who you are – to remember the essence of your true nature and that is pure unconditional love”
— DON MIGUEL RUIZ, bestselling author of The Four Agreements.

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