Celebrating Your Creative Journey!

Celebrating Your Creative Journey!

Today is my 200th Sunday Letter! I can’t believe it. I have been writing you every Sunday for 3 ½years.

Let’s pop the virtual cork together! I appreciate you SO very much! And I hope my musings have added something to your Sundays.

Over the years, I collected questions. Questions I would ask myself not necessarily to get an answer but to spark better questions. These questions ignited new dreams and aspirations that brought new ways to creatively make change in my life.

They are simple questions. But if asked and allowed to penetrate deeply, one might leap up and take me into a whole new direction. I explore these questions in my book, The Muse in You coming out April 28th and ready for preorder!

In case you are wanting to take a bold step to creating a new beautiful life for yourself with purpose and passion, here are 55 questions to help you ignite your creative journey:

1.)What is an issue you are currently having in your life that you would like to change? What might be blocking you, troubling you, or what is it that you would like to be to be different?

2.) In your mind’s eye imagine that your issue is totally resolved for good. What excites you, turns you on, gives you juice or is calling to you in this very moment?

3.) What if you couldn’t go wrong? Couldn’t make the wrong choices? If you were interested in breaking all the rules and let go of expectations? If you gave yourself full permission to engage? What would you do?

4.) What if you didn’t have to make sense of it but you did it anyway, what would you do? If you followed your gut? Listened to your intuition rather than your mind? Thought later and created now? Let go of what you think you know?

5.) Do you desire to make more of a difference in the world and if so, what might that look like? How would you like to make a difference with the people you are closest to in your life? How would like to make a difference with as many people as possible? If you were on your deathbed, what might be your lasting contributions? What are you doing to create that today? How might you expand that further?

6.) What were your greatest accomplishments so far and what made them significant? Is there more to accomplish with that?

7.) What would you do if you weren’t afraid to fail, mess up, or ruin anything? If what you had to offer was completely enough? If you didn’t need to be perfect or have it all be perfect before you created it?

8.) What would you try if you didn’t know what you were doing or how it would end? If you went wild? Got a little crazy? Did something you would never do? Unleashed? Expressed and created what is innately inside of you?

9.) What are you curious about learning? Is there a course or a hobby or a class or something you want study? What might you explore? (Hint: that’s a greater calling, no matter how silly or insignificant follow it…)

10.) When you think about your happiest moments in your life what strengths or talents were you using to create them? What gave you a sense of play and fun? What did you do as a child or loved as a child that can reconnect you to your purpose and passions? Is there something new you could apply those same strengths and talents to?  

11.) What would you do if you had all the energy in the world and all the resources to implement it? If you took a risk? Dove off the high board? Jolted into the new to electrify the creative current?

12.) What could you imagine happening if you stayed determined? Didn’t give up? Took one step at a time? What magic could happen? If you followed through so creativity could bloom?

13.) What if you dared to fail brilliantly? If the result was not nearly as important as the experience? If knowing who you are and what you want to create had nothing to do with success or failure?

14.) If you were totally free to express and create however you are called could this simple act of freedom give you your greatest happiness? What joy might that give you? What exciting places could you be led to if you relinquished attachment? What would make you proud of yourself and motivate you to keep going? What would the payoff be for your highest good?   

Thank you from the bottom of my heart for joining me on this adventure every Sunday and sending you all my love!

P.s. We explore the answers to all these questions in my online course called the Transformation Roadmap. You can find out more here. And if you would like to preorder The Muse in You go here.