Why Our Problems Aren’t So Bad, After All (No, Really)

Why Our Problems Aren’t So Bad, After All (No, Really)

I have a BIG problem . . .

My problem is that I always look for the problem.

It’s pretty fascinating, actually.

Because as soon as I have ONE thing figured out, I start wondering what problematic thing could happen NEXT.

And in those few moments where NO problem exists, I start searching for the next problem as a way to protect myself.

Too often, I sit down for a tea with girlfriends after yoga and start fretting about one thing or another. But why on earth did I go to class to relax, only for my mind  to find something else to obsess over?

Our mind likes to judge and puts unfair expectations on us. It does this to save us from bad things happening.  But it can make us feel badly about ourselves.


Accepting we’re human.

(Yeah, we’re human. Shocker.)
And so I ask you the same question I ask myself:

What if there WASN’T a problem?

And what if there was NOTHING to solve?

You see,

The mind is a thief. It takes us away from enjoying the moment.

This week, ask yourself if there’s really a problem when something arises.

Perhaps, whatever we thought was a problem will pass … and we can relax.

Whatever it is, let’s trust we’ve got the inner resources to deal with it when and IF necessary.

Here’s to a problem-free week!