When You’ve Been Working On Creating Change – And It’s NOT Coming

When You’ve Been Working On Creating Change – And It’s NOT Coming

Let’s say something is causing you dissatisfaction:

You want to lose weight and you’ve had a couple of good weeks of eating but you STILL don’t fit into that pair of jeans.

Or you want to stop losing patience with your kids, and you’re really trying, but you yelled at them AGAIN.

Or you’re single and REALLY want a relationship, but the dating sites are driving you CRAZY.

Or you’re thinking about change, want the change and are even taking some solid steps towards that change. Some are subtle, some really spot-on, but you find yourself still feeling frustrated.

You may kick yourself in the head. . . C’mon – I’m trying here! These efforts COUNT – don’t they?

They do.

But it takes A LOT of small changes to accumulate into making a BIG difference.

Perhaps we want change in our life and the first step we make is grabbing our morning coffee at a different Starbucks.

And then driving a different road to work.

And then deciding we want to go someplace new for our vacation.

And then realizing we’re unhappy at our job and want a new career.

OR perhaps we yelled about something, and last week apologized for it the day after. But the next time, we apologized RIGHT AFTER.


Something to applaud. (YES!)

But rather than acknowledge ourselves and pat ourselves on the back, we judge ourselves for not making a TOTAL transformation.

Yet, IF we are taking steps—even small steps such as these—something DOES happen.

One day, we see a pair of jeans two sizes too big on the top shelf of our closet and vaguely remember the day we fit into them.

One day, we’re working at a new job and the old job we hated seems like a whole different life.

One day, our kids have their own kids and thank us for all that we did for them as a parent.

Change takes time. It doesn’t always happen overnight. Sometimes it takes YEARS. When we want change NOW, we suffer.

I know… NONE of us want to wait YEARS.

But to truly change a pattern, to make deep lasting change, it takes determination and PRACTICE.

We take steps forward. Then repeat a past performance. Then forward again.

But know and trust, you cannot move BACKWARDS.

As you continue to make changes, slowly, step-by-step, you WILL wake up one day so accustomed to your “new” life that you won’t even realize how you got there.

Can you remember that happening? Isn’t it funny?

Rather than hyper-focus on creating change and needing it NOW, offer some space. More space then you ever imagined.

Because those days of practice, those tough days when life feels hard with little reward, you still kept focused on your own growth and learning.

And THAT led you somewhere, and that somewhere is THIS moment, right now.

Wishing you a week of SPACIOUSNESS!