When To Speak… And When To NOT! [VIDEO]

When To Speak… And When To NOT! [VIDEO]

Have you been in this situation?

You have something you need to say.

Something pressing.
Something important.
Something you intuitively know you probably shouldn’t say right now. But for whatever reason you come out and say it anyway.

And then, you get BITTEN.

(That’s what I call that thing that happens when someone doesn’t like what I say to them, and then they get hurt or mad and decide that they never want to speak to me again . . . )

If you have, then here’s one of the best-est, most GREATEST tips I’ve ever gotten.

AND it’s from the Buddha. So it’s smart to pay attention.

(Not that I’m a Buddha groupie or anything. This is just super smart advice.)

I’m gonna keep this one short.


If it’s NOT truthful and NOT helpful, don’t say it.

If it’s truthful and NOT helpful, don’t say it.

If it’s NOT truthful and helpful, don’t say it.

If it’s truthful and helpful. . . wait for the right time.


It’s a good one. Yes?

I like this simple stuff. It makes meditating an hour a day worth it.

And for me it’s a GREAT lesson. A lesson, I try to remember.

Me, with my mouth… This is an important one! So many times I said what I didn’t want to with regret OR without the right timing. Too many mornings after, I was like, Oh shit!

It’s not what we need to say that’s important—it’s rather paying attention to WHEN and HOW we say it.

Listen to this guy. . . He knows what he’s talking about.

And when’s the right time? You’ll know. You’ll feel it.

Wishing you a week full of enlightenment!