Using Creativity To Make The World A Better Place

Using Creativity To Make The World A Better Place

Ultimately, I believe that everything we do is creative:

The way we think.
The way we problem solve.
The way we make the most of our lives.

Freedom—whether that’s creative freedom or feeling free in life—and play go hand in hand.

As kids we took risks without even thinking like doing somersaults down a grass hill with green stains and mud all over us even if our parents worried we would break our necks.

We didn’t map out the exact physics it would take to roll down the hill to make sure we missed a pothole and not end up on the concrete below. We didn’t calculate the speed of the somersault to make sure we had enough momentum to not stop in the middle.

Nah. We just rolled.

Sure, we got bumps and bruises and cuts along the way because that’s how we’d play. But we also want to be mindful. We don’t want to be so carefree that we do a somersault into ongoing traffic.

Every time we do something new like a first cartwheel— it’s a thrilling experience. We do it for the sheer joy of it.

And isn’t that why we create? For the sheer joy of it? Isn’t joy what most of us want more of in our lives?

Creativity is a way to not only play, but to experience more of that first-timer’s joy, too—without overthinking it.

Here are 3 reminders to help you to do that:

1.) Remember: You are a work of art.

You may not realize it, but you’re the artist of your life—the designer of your dreams. You can creatively mold and transform them to be whatever you want. You get to play, color, shape, sing loudly, dance, let go, dare with them.

So, what if you took a risk? What if it didn’t matter what it looked like? What if there was nothing to lose? What if you could be completely spontaneous?

Because the greatest art that we can create is a truly LIVED life.

And when we LIVE LARGE, we become leaders who can create lasting change in the collective consciousness…

Now, THAT’S something.

2.) Your passions are already beating loudly inside of you.

And the wild part? They’re ready to be released right NOW.

It’s time to celebrate who you truly are within; who you already are, right at this moment.

Because it’s only from this genuine place that we’re able to create more of what we want—whether that’s more peace (and less stress), more happiness, more success, or all of the above.

What if you were to listen to what called you and did it without taking it too seriously? What if you were able to meet it with presence, care and attention?

And then, by doing that, become an example for others?

3.) Give yourself permission to be simply human.

You’re talented, courageous, successful, smart, and wise but you may also find yourself feeling stuck, at times—unsure of your next steps or what you’re truly capable of.

I’ve been there, too. We can all feel fearful, blocked and overwhelmed. We’re human, after all.

It’s important to remember we are okay exactly as we are.

When we love our wild, messy flaws we can creatively break free of the inner-judge that keeps us from knowing we are MORE than enough.

The trick is to really love ourselves—the good and the bad. Then, we can overcome.

What if loving yourself meant accepting yourself wherever you are, however you feel, without having to have it all under control or be superhuman?

By doing that—by accepting ALL of our humanness—we give others permission to do the same…

To making our lives and this world a better place!