The Secret To Clearing Your Head

The Secret To Clearing Your Head

My writing teacher Natalie Goldberg, author of Writing Down The Bones, taught me this secret decades ago and I judged it as overly simple.

Julia Cameron, author of The Artist’s Way, was on the bandwagon too.

And so was Tich Naht Hahn, the famous meditation teacher. And all the meditation teachers I’d ever had, for that matter.

I thought all these people were totally boring. Or older. I didn’t get it at all.

Until I moved to New York from Los Angeles and started WALKING.

No matter if I took a cab, a subway or a bus I still had to walk a great deal to get to my destination.

In LA, when I was late for an appointment, I’d hit the accelerator and speed between cars rather than hurry my legs to make it through the countdown of a red flashing hand.

Clocking walking miles made me feel great about myself. It raised my esteem in a fascinating way.

And it produced a different result other than high-impact exercise. (Even though I was more fit and I didn’t know why since I went to every pizza joint on every corner to find the best slice in the city…)

Step by step, walking ground me back into MY BODY.

I have to admit though; I was worried what would happen when the weather turned bad.

The first rainy, windy day, I fought the elements though the maze of people, puddles, speedy bicyclists and honking cabs with my umbrella turning inside out.

But when I got back to my apartment, I felt accomplished. Oddly high. I had succeeded in my first East Coast walking-weather adventure.

The first day it was below freezing, I dressed as if I was on the North Pole—to the point of burning up. Those layers came off pretty quickly. (I know. I’m a dork.)

Once I’d figured the layering situation out, I felt stupendously invigorated by the cold.

Regardless of the season, whenever I left my apartment feeling a bit sluggish or uncertain with what I was working on, once I reached my destination on foot, I felt awake, energized and stimulated.


They all suggested taking a brisk walk every day to increase creativity and mindfulness.

Nietzsche said, All truly great thoughts are conceived by walking.

As I continue to walk the city streets, I smile and chuckle to myself: Lynn, after all these years, you finally get it? You gotta move your legs to clear your head!

It’s proven now to make ALL the difference.


If you don’t already, take a brisk walk every day you can.

Check in to see how you feel afterwards. Isn’t it cool?

I’m a hands-waving-in-the-air-church-singing believer now.

Wishing you awakened energy to create more of what you want this week!