The Highest Good Of Creativity

The Highest Good Of Creativity

When I was counseling, before every session with a client, I’d take a few minutes to center myself in myself. I’d invoke my Highest Self to come forward and I’d say, May this session be for the Highest Good Of All Concerned.

I imagined in my mind’s eye, I was a hollow channel and asked for whatever was for the best for our session (for my client, for me, and for our relationship) to come THROUGH me rather than ME doing it.

Then, I could get out of the way. My ego could take a side seat. I wouldn’t have to force things or feel pressured to find answers and I’d be relieved from “performance anxiety”.

Getting out of my head, I didn’t have to think I had to be doing something or be something or say the right thing. Instead, I could just be present with whatever arose, ready to meet it fully.

When we think I’m doing this rather than just allowing the energy to come through, we can get caught. Things can get chunky.

Like . . .

. . . We self-reference rather than really see, hear and feel the other person. We take things personally.

. . . We tighten up rather than relax into an organic and authentic flow of engagement.

. . . We may think we have to do something more than just listen or hold a compassionate space of attention. Sometimes that’s all that’s needed for the other to figure it out or find what they’re looking for.

. . . We try to fix, give advice or problem solve and that never does anyone any good because ultimately, we have to learn it for ourselves. True insight is found WITHIN for lasting change.

But if you’re wondering what I mean by “Highest Self” I’ll explain.

In spiritual circles, it’s whatever one might connect to: Divinity, The Universe, Nature, Soul, Enlightenment, or religious names for God if you’re cool with that. (Many are but many are not.)

A friend described it this way: Stillness and Loving.

I sometimes just call it, Love.

But whatever it is—it’s something that transcends us into limitlessness.

A place of warmth, kindness and goodness.

A space where permission lies for ALL to be present.

Somewhere that’s boundless and more vast than the smallness of our personality that thinks IT’S the one in charge of others, things or our circumstances.

For me, it’s the SAME for all creative endeavors—whether that’s art, a project, resolving issues or how we go about our day-to-day, work and relationships.

When we’re centered we’re in tune with our intuition.

That intuition becomes our inspiration.

And what inspires us creates expansion.

The more we expand the more acceptance there is.

When we accept what’s in front of us the less we need to control.

The less we need to control, the more we get out of our own way.

Getting out of our way, we realize it isn’t about US.

And when we realize it isn’t about us, the more we LOVE and let love IN.

That’s why I like to think of it as Love.

And why I’m passionate about the creative process. And why I think everything we do is creative.

Because when we’re in tune to what we’re creating with a sense of love we reach our greatest fulfillment.

Wishing you your highest good!