The #1 Trick To Creating Anything You Want [VIDEO]

The #1 Trick To Creating Anything You Want [VIDEO]

There is one way—one easy, direct way—to be creatively free.


  • write with tons of energy and finish your book quickly
  • take a brush and paint without stopping
  • make a long-held dream come true
  • start a new job—or leave one you’ve outgrown
  • better your relationships
  • complete anything you’ve started with energy and gusto.

It’s so easy, I swear.

Here’s how you do it:

At any given moment, if you feel your energy wane or you feel tired or frustrated or like quitting completely, ask yourself:

What am I judging?

I guarantee you, there’s a judgment underlining whatever’s slowing your momentum down.

Sometimes it’s subtle. Sometimes it’s loud.

You may have to search for it. You may have to be brutally honest with yourself. It may take courage.

What are you judging?

Are you judging whatever you’re doing, or even yourself as…

…not good enough?
…not as good as somebody else?

Sometimes self-judgments are sneaky and we project our self-judgment onto another person.

Are you judging someone else as…

…not enough?
…not doing enough?
…not loving you enough?

Judgments are little thieves that rob us of the freedom to have what we want to create.

So now the trick:

You’ve located the judgment. You’ve got it. You know what it is. There may be several. It may be a long list.

So now narrow it down to its root:

What is the primary judgment?

Then, ask yourself:

What if it didn’t matter if I/they/it was____________or not?

Feel it deeply. Don’t just ask the question.
Feel it, right down to your bones.

What if it didn’t matter . . . or not?

What if it really didn’t matter or not?

What would you do then?
How would you react differently?

See yourself, in your mind’s eye, as a person who accepted either way. And imagine yourself as a person who was totally free.

What would you write?
What color of paint would your brush go to?
What next step would you take to create your dream?
What loving compassion would you offer your friend or beloved?
What fun would you have?

What is the next step for you?

Run, don’t walk, there. Don’t wait for tomorrow.
Make the next step small and make it doable. But do it, either way.

Wishing you a productive, creative week ahead!

(But really . . . what if it didn’t matter, or not, if this week was productive OR creative? Now there’s permission.)