Spread Thin and Feeling Unfocused? Finding Ground.

Spread Thin and Feeling Unfocused? Finding Ground.

I received this email from a dear friend of mine:


Lynn darling, WTF am I doing with my life? I’m feeling spread thin and unfocused. I need help with revisiting my why, re-clarifying my mission and goals, and creating the plan to accomplish what I came here to do!


Here are 5 emergency tools I would give to support her in finding calm and ease immediately. Hopefully, they’ll help you too:


1.) GROUND: The first thing I would say is to remind my friend  that she has opportunity to center and find the ground beneath her feet again. In spinning so many plates I sense she’s lost the connection to her body. I would ask her if she is exercising on a consistent basis and/or doing yoga. (Or if she’s dancing, because I know she loves to dance too. . .)


To find our sense of security we need to anchor ourselves and establish roots into the earth. Ground your energy on the physical level by taking care of your body and its physical needs. Get into your body fully. Feel the earth. Pull your energy in and consciously root yourself while you surrender and trust. Cherish your foundation by literally feeling your own two feet.


2.) CENTER: When life throws us off balance and we feel like things are spinning out of control, the most important thing we need to do is connect to our center. So often, we throw our own life jacket out to someone or something else. It’s a mistake to focus our attention on outside forces at a time like this and can be a sign that we’re reaching beyond ourselves out of a perceived sense of security.


To connect to your center you must draw your energy in—even if it’s just for the immediate moment. Give yourself the support, the love, the attention, the rest, the companionship, the kindness, and the understanding you need right now.


3.) CONNECT to your Higher Self, the All-Knowing, omnipotent wise one inside of you who has vision, direction, purpose, and knows the truth.


Ask your Higher Self, What is for my highest good right now? As if you were writing a scene in a play, write out a dialogue between the two of you. Ask your Higher Self whatever questions necessary to feel like you have received the support you need.


4.) CLARIFY: Write out a list of the top five things that you value most in life. Imagine you were on your deathbed and you would look back on your life without regret because you know you accomplished these five things.


It may be as simple as “I loved and loved well.” Or it may be a true dream that you’d wish you had made happen.


5.) PRIORITIZE: Check in and see if you’re putting your attention on these five things and if they are the priorities above all else in your life. Are they in alignment? Are you doing things that bring  you closer to your goals?


Big, grand overtures aren’t required here. We can find the time in small ways each week to nurture the things that matter. We don’t necessarily have to have a plan to make sure we are always on track either. Sometimes planning or setting goals gets in the way of simply doing.


When we ground, center, and connect to our Higher Selves we can find clarity much faster. This helps us to prioritize what we most want to create in life.


Then, we can find the time, even in small increments, to get back into alignment again. Soon, the current will carry us to our right direction. And our mission will become clear. We’ll just know it.


Wishing you ease, gentleness and calm and moment-to-moment presence!