Receiving the Successes in Life

Receiving the Successes in Life

I’ve received several emails from readers who are having success in their life but having problems receiving it. Isn’t life weird? All we want is to succeed, and then when we do it’s hard to let it all IN…

Our hearts are funny that way. They want love and validation and then, when it comes, they do what they’re most used to doing: they push it away.

Love is scary sometimes. And I equate success with love because, in order to reach success, we had to put our hearts on the line in the process.

Like when we write a song that gets picked up for a movie, or our play becomes internationally recognized, or a book we’ve been working on for 5 years gets published. (Yep, that last one  is me and I can struggle with receiving success too!)

For years, we applied our love and hearts to our creative project, not knowing when or if it would ever come into fruition. And then, when it does move out into the world and people begin to receive it, our hearts may contract, fearful of all that love.

Have you ever fallen in love, believed it too good to be true and then found yourself making excuses for how it couldn’t work or looking for the problems in the relationship? Have you pushed  the love away, even through you know you want it more than anything else in your life?

It may not be a book deal or a life-shifting love affair. It might be something that feels almost mundane.

At any given time in life—maybe even now—you are receiving payoffs in ways that you either are or are not aware of. Now is the time, to really receive what is happening for you in this moment.

Check in with yourself to see what you’ve received on an inward or outward level. It may be subtle—perhaps how something has improved rather than totally transformed. Open your heart and be receptive… You just might find a profound realization found within.

You may feel like you’ve grown in some way or the people around you may reflect your growth back to you. Receive this. Perhaps in the recent past, you intended to create change and let go of some things that no longer served you. Receive this.

Welcome the good that you have created for yourself and receive it fully. Allow yourself to receive the experience of what success and achievement feels like on an innermost level because, without question, you are worthy.

Perhaps someone recently performed an act of generosity by offering you something from the heart-deep level. Receive this without denying it or pushing it away. Allow their offering to enter into your heart.

By receiving others’ generosity into your heart space, you acknowledge them wholly and deepen your intimacy with those you love.

Also, be receptive to the ordinary, simple experiences in your day-to-day life: a loving hug goodbye, a small token of affection, or a smile from a stranger.

Receiving can be as simple as really noticing and taking in a heartfelt “thank you.”

The art of becoming more receptive isn’t just about taking in the positive experiences. The insight,  change in perspective, or newfound realization of growth that you most need to accept may not feel sweet or easy in the moment. Receiving something new may only seem like a gift after some time has passed.  

Maybe for the next week you could write a list every day of these moments of receiving–both positive and not so positive— so you can sit with the fullness of the awareness, the gift, the accomplishment, the support, the love, or the gesture of friendship that comes your way.

Go within to receive the reward fully. Close your eyes and inhale slowly. Do this several times, as many times as needed to create a sense of spaciousness, true presence, and receptivity.

Know that you are MORE than worthy of receiving by consciously celebrating your experiences

Wishing you much success in life and sending all my love!