Quiz: What’s Your Element And What Does It Mean?

Quiz: What’s Your Element And What Does It Mean?

Here’s a fun quiz for you:

Write down the letters that correspond to the answers that you feel fits you the most. Try to go for only one trait or quality that resonates the most in the present.

1.) When I’m at my very best I feel a sense of:

a.) Power, self-accomplishment, and self-fulfillment
b.) Clarity and luminosity
c.) A large heart, warmth, and awareness
d.) Generosity, productivity, and harmony

2.) When I’m extremely stressed or emotionally out of balance I tend to:

a.) Feel anxious
b.) Cover my fears with anger or shout
c.) Desire or fantasize to escape, or laugh wildly
d.) Freeze, numb or sigh a lot.

3.) My relationship with boundaries are:

a.) I love boundaries! I need other people to respect my boundaries, and can cut off relationships if boundaries are crossed too much
b.) I push boundaries, quietly going where I possibly shouldn’t go
c.) I want intimacy and have a need to bond with others emotionally
d.) Secretly, I want to merge with another and become one, but can potentially smother another

4.) On my free time I like to:

a.) Talk on the phone, socialize or chat with friends
b.) Listen to music
c.) Get active, hike, dance, do sports, etc.
d.) Go to restaurants, cook, snack, or watch TV

5.) How am I in a crisis situation?

a.) I immediately take care of details
b.) I freeze or go into panic
c.) I provide loving comfort and emotional support
d.) Even though I feel a bit overwhelmed, I remain calm and grounded

6.) My life can center around:

a.) Thinking things through and finding solutions
b.) Healing, imagination, seeking wisdom and truth
c.) Performance, living for the moment, having a vast assortment of eclectic friends
d.) Home, family and children, taking care of others

7.) If I were an artist, I would be:

a.) A writer, producer, architect
b.) A musician, painter, ballet dancer
c.) An actor, singer, animator, stand-up comedian, modern or hip-hop dancer
d.) Sculptor, chef, photographer, knitter, crafts-maker

8.) If I had a project to get done I would:

a.) Get focused and delegate the help needed
b.) Dream about it, imagine it, visualize it, not necessarily in a linear fashion.
c.) Do it in the instant I’m called without thinking too much about it
d) Move slow but focused on producing good results

9.) My home/room/office/car tends to be:

a.) Immaculately clean
b.) Messy and cluttered
c.) Scattered and disorganized
d.) Stable and consistent but lacking orderly thinking

10.) In relationships, I prefer to interact:

a.) With someone like me
b.) Co-creating together as a team
c.) Through shared experiences, but sometimes overlooking me
d.) By extending understanding and care

11.) I have opportunity to experience more:

a.) Openness, trust and confidence
b.) Humor, sanity, and perspective
c.) Independence, balance, discriminating awareness
d.) Humility, knowing my worth and presence

12.) Sometimes I don’t realize or recognize:

a.) How hard I am being on myself
b.) Difficulty with trusting, finding it hard sometimes to express myself
c.) The depth or worth of my effect
d.) My need to please

13.) I help make people around me feel:

a.) Organized, focused, understood
b.) Calm, reassured, inspired
c.) At ease, comfortable, merry and happy
d.) Supported and protected

14.) My sleep habits can be:

a.) It’s hard to fall asleep and stop my mind
b.) Going to bed early, getting up early
c.) Going to bed late, getting up late
d.) Over-sleeping, waking up groggy

15.) I feel good about myself when I:

a.) Feel like I can accomplish anything and have activity that fulfills me
b.) Acknowledge my emotional needs
c.) Focus on others with active compassion, in tune with the goodness of life
d.) Am not attached to failure or success and giving of my time, effort and money

Now, discover your elements(s):

How many (a)s do you have: ___________________________
How many (b)s do you have:___________________________
How many (c)s do you have:___________________________
How many (d)s do you have: ___________________________

a. is AIR
b. is WATER
c. is FIRE
d. is EARTH

What element(s) do you have the most of?

Now use these descriptions to not only embrace but also cultivate your elements:


Powerful, cool, detached, poised, proud, precise, impeccable taste, organized, planning, outlining, analytical, principled, logical, witty, self-reliant, practical, understanding, likes conversing, sharing ideas, learning to let go even though wanting to hold on, putting attention on the details, gaining comprehension of issues, giving meaning to things, making decisions, discussing, communicating, problem solving, mental alertness, awareness, having great intelligence, capable of observing, self-accomplishing, self-fulfilling, in need of space, taking care of the situation, conveying authority, having the best, being the best, valuing quality, opening, trusting, confident, unhindered effectiveness.


Alluring, mysterious, sensual, feeling tranquil and beautiful, a healer, seeking wisdom and truth, curious, exploring, traveling, forgiving, intuitive, psychic, great sense of humor, sanity, serenity, flowing, expanding, knowing the truth, reassured, inspired, calming, unconditioned clarity and luminosity, very loving in relationship, affectionate, in-tune receptivity, empathetic, welcoming, contented, grateful, compassionate, kind, wise, academic, determined, contemplative, persuasive, cautious, penetrating insight, sensitive, inward and reflective, looking at the deeper places others may shun or avoid.


Daring, connected to creativity, risk-taking, brave, animated, charming, funny, joyful, flirting, making people laugh, taking care of my heart emotions, living for the moment, loving, spontaneous, playing, having lots of fun, independent, using discriminating awareness, warm, comforting, warm-hearted, at ease, comfortable, aware, using appropriate giving (not giving too little or too much), growing spiritually, initiating, blissful, ecstatic, directing life to be great, driving forward with enthusiasm and optimism, lightness and frivolity, good hearted, magnetic, whimsical, sparkling like a star, discriminating.


Accommodating, giving to the world and the community, feeling connected to nature, consistent, a strong presence, productive, steadfast, patient, manifesting dreams, knowing worth and inherent value, knowing my values, balanced, taking steps and making it happen, growing, planting seeds, actualizing, centered, having endurance, offering hospitality, supplying physical needs, loving experiencing the senses, pregnant with possibility, full of promise, realizing I have all that I need, freedom from attachment.

Note: The color of these elements and their meanings correspond to The Game of You cards. Use them to take game play to whole other level!

What element are you? Did you learn anything interesting about yourself? Leave a comment below:)