Manifesting Your Dreams

Manifesting Your Dreams

Every five years or so, I would have a session with a psychic that I loved and trusted named Colette Baron Reid. She was easy to trust because almost everything she told me came into fruition. (She’s published many books and oracle card deck sets. If you’d like to check her out you can find here.)


But I really don’t do sessions with psychics anymore because I have realized that the greatest way to create your future is by listening to your own innate intuition and following your gut into life’s daring adventure.


And yet, working with Colette taught me something huge about how to manifest my dreams on my own.


When Colette would tell me what I was going to create in my life, it seemed like she always tuned into what was most important and exciting to me.


She told me I was going to publish a book and card deck set, something I had just started working on at the time and really wanted.


Because she could see it and told me it was true, I believed her.


Over six years ago, she told me I was going to move to NYC, find my soulmate, we would have a family, and live happily ever after.


I wanted to believe her and held it as true.


Now I know that it wasn’t Colette who was projecting my future, but me. She may have the gift of seeing other people’s destiny, but my future was actually created as I took the initiative and made the choices that pulled me towards the direction I wanted.


The bottom line is I that BELIEVED in my dreams and because of that I was able to manifest them.


No matter how many years went by, I held out for my greatest desires and wishes. In fact, after those sessions with Colette, it took three years to publish my game and six to meet my soulmate. But I continued to believe in what she had told me and work towards my goals.


The power of our thoughts fascinates me. I could have as easily believed my dreams were NOT going to come true as I could have believed they were WERE. If I believed they might not, I may not have taken the risks to follow through with them.


Because I believed in my dreams, I wrote a proposal and contacted a publisher with confidence. Because I wanted a happy thriving relationship and a family, I stuck it out through online dating.


This is what I’ve learned in the process of manifesting my dreams and I’d love to share my realizations with you:


The thoughts you believe are far more important to the process of manifesting what you truly want than you might imagine.


Also, HOW you think your thoughts is key. Sometimes, you might want to believe in them, but you just don’t. I totally understand. It seems too hard, intangible, or just  impossible.


There’s a thought progression that can help you get closer to really, truly, 100% believing in your capacity to create what you want.


For example, when we have a big dream that doesn’t necessarily seem possible—whether it’s because we believe we don’t have enough money, or we aren’t good enough, or it’s too much work and we don’t have the time—we might begin with the thoughts, “I can’t do this. It’s too hard. It wasn’t meant for me.”


You can begin to update those thoughts to become, I can do this for a few minutes a day and see where it leads me.


And then you might begin to think, It may be hard, but I want to do this.


And that may turn into, Someday I will do this or it’s even possible I might do this.


And the more you get excited and the more you believe, you may think, I will do this.


And to really, 100% create our dreams, what we begin to think is, I AM doing this.


If there is a dream you want to create, I encourage you to write it out in specific detail in the present tense.


Begin each descriptive sentence with the words, “I AM.” Flesh it all out: How you will feel, what it will look like, what it will contribute to your life and to others, and  how it will make a difference.


Then read it every night before bed for two weeks.


Soon you will believe and with time, your vision WILL manifest!


May ALL your dreams come true!