Lets Talk About Jealousy [VIDEO]

Lets Talk About Jealousy [VIDEO]

Jealousy is a bitch. And something most of us would like to deny completely.

Here’s the good news: If you feel it—you’re alive!

The bad news: If it grabs ‘a hold, you’ve lost something . . .

But jealousy CAN BE a blessing. ‘Cause what jealousy ultimately brings to light is the part of ourselves we don’t want to face.


Many times, we can see ourselves in another—and what we DON’T want to be . . .

But sometimes, we’re shown something that is positive in another that we AREN’T able to see in ourselves. And rather than wonder, “Could I actually be seeing myself in them?” we envy them instead and deny a part of ourselves in the process.


Think of someone who is your greatest star. Someone you think about that makes you think, “YES! I want to be like her or him!”

Then think about the traits that you LOVE about her or him. And see them as part of who you REALLY are.

This is a wonderful trick because we’re so used to comparing ourselves.
Too often, we don’t realize that those we are jealous of are those that show us how great we truly are.
So this week, for the sheer hell of it, think of someone you’re intimidated by, someone who may threaten you, or someone you aspire to be like, but think that you could never become.

And then give them thanks (internally). Because they can be someone who gives you back a part of yourself you’ve either hidden or given away.

Seeing yourself in them, you’re receiving a gift. They’re helping you to embrace who you are deep inside—what you long for, yet without realizing it ALREADY HAVE within.

And when you see it, receive it and claim it. Because it’s ALL yours..

Wishing you a week of empowerment!