If You’re Depressed – One Way To EASILY Get Through

If You’re Depressed – One Way To EASILY Get Through

I’ve had those days.

When the stuckness I feel is like black sludge and my body so numb I don’t even have the energy to go to sleep.

All I want to do is close the blinds and watch back-to-back Netflix episodes.

I’ve had those days with writing and painting too. I don’t go to the computer. I stare at the painting on my wall rather than pick up the brush.

But I’ve also had days when I finally got tired of the 10th season of Dexter and knew that I had to get creative, or else I’d go crazy.

Yes, the artist’s plight. But this could be the case for other things, too.

I don’t have to tell you about the one thing that you’ve been putting off for awhile. That one thing you just don’t want to get to: The stuff in the garage, the phone calls you need to make, the run-on-to-do list, the creative project you’d love to do but can’t find the time for…

So here’s the GOOD NEWS! I have the solution. And it’s SO easy!

Check it out:

Think about what you’re resisting and then, ask yourself, “What is the easiest thing I can do?”

When you’re feeling stuck and don’t want to deal with that thing you know you need to do — that thing you know that IF you do, you will feel tons better about yourself after you do it…

Simply ask yourself what is the easiest first step you can take.

It could be to simply:

  • Go to a number, pick up the phone and make ONE call.
  • Walk over to the painting, pick up the brush and paint the smallest thing you can on the paper.
  • Take the stairs to the basement and open ONE box.
  • Scratch the easiest to-do-thing off your list — like that dry clean that hasn’t been picked up.

Usually, the thing that we need to do is so happy to have our attention that it makes us happy just for showing up.

It’s like, “Hi! I’ve been waiting for you! I’m so happy to see you!”

Even if it feels like drudgery — somehow if we do that ONE step, something inside our system wakes up.

Our energy comes alive again, and we feel good about ourselves in the simple act of doing something.

If it’s something we’re resisting, there’s a reason why we’re resisting it. It’s deeper than what it seems, something our psyche is avoiding — usually because underlying feelings.

But we don’t have to worry about that because as SOON as we do it, it does this beautiful thing — it kinda smiles back at us.

Too often, I avoid my writing. But once I get ONE sentence down, my fingers just keep typing. There’s something there… Something that wants to be seen. And when I put my attention on it, it opens up all kinds of new territory for me.

I have to begin somewhere. So, when I ask myself, “What’s the easiest thing you could write right now?” I get started and follow the energy from there.

So for YOU –

What is the easiest thing you could do right now in regards to something you’ve been resisting?

Wishing you a week of ease,