How To Plant The Seed To Create What You Want

How To Plant The Seed To Create What You Want

We want something:

A relationship. A new house. A career. New friends. Money. A creative project …

But it isn’t forthcoming . . .

Maybe WHY it isn’t is because we aren’t clear about it.

When we’re ready and set an intention, we put the energy in motion to create it.

Creation can’t come until we let ourselves envision it. That is . . . as we co-create with the unfolding of nature.

When we plant a garden, we choose the plants, the soil, the land in which we want to grow. Then nature—with some water, sunshine and love—takes off on it’s own.


Develop a clear, specific picture of what you want. Speak it out. Write it out. Meditate on it.

Ask yourself,

If it were a perfect world, what would “this thing I want to create” look like?

If there were no limitations and I could HAVE what I want, what would it be in its fullest expression?

How would I experience it?

What would I feel like inside when having it?

Be bold. Get BIG. Don’t worry right now IF or HOW it will come to fruition.

The idea is to DREAM. ‘Cause as Shakespeare says, We are the music makers, we are the dreamers of dreams. . .

By putting the dreams we hold inside of us into a concrete, grounded reality, we start the ball rolling…

Now imagine you have it:

It’s HAPPENING RIGHT NOW. This “thing” you want—it’s HERE.

Get specific. As if you were planting a garden today, in the present moment.


These are the type of flowers I grow. These are the vegetables I eat.

This is the rose bud I clip and put into a singular vase and place on the sink in my guest bathroom for my friend to enjoy when she arrives at my home.

This is the kale I cut and put into my Vitamix with fresh organic blueberries, some frozen mango, a slice of fresh ginger and some filtered water.

Specific, clear, present detail infuses our dream with reality. It creates the ground for our vision to grow.

All you need is for it to be 52% believable. ‘Cause then, you’re over halfway there.

Write it out. Get clear. And then make it your focus. Say to yourself, THIS is what I AM creating for the highest good . . .

And then watch, with nature’s timing, your dream miraculously unfold . . .

Here’s to a week of manifesting!