How I Made Friends With Anxiety. (And How You Can, Too)

How I Made Friends With Anxiety. (And How You Can, Too)

I’m no stranger to anxiety. I stopped drinking coffee in my twenties because of it.

It’s taken me forever to figure out how to deal with it, and I’m relieved to share with you one of my biggest life lessons.

It’s been tested—tried and true.

(Drum roll, please . . .)

Every single time I’ve had an anxiety attack or succumbed to nervousness, there was a common thread.

And that thread was this:

Whatever I was doing . . .
Whatever decision I was making . . .
Whatever timing I was trying to force . . .

WASN’T the best option for me.

When anxiety hits, our intuition is asking us to pay special attention.
Because underneath that anxiety, there’s usually a story.

A story such as,

I HAVE to do this . . .
I don’t have enough TIME for this . . .
This is my only option . . .
This person thinks I SHOULD be doing this . . .
This is the “right” thing to do . . .
If I DON’T do this, something bad might happen . . .
It’s too hard to say “no” . . .

But REGARDLESS of the story, there’s always another option.

And when that option feels right to you? You’ll make your decision with a sense of relief, calm, peace—and maybe even excitement. (Sometimes we think our excitement is anxiety – so make sure you don’t confuse it . . .)

It may take more time than you want, or think you have. And that’s okay.
Because maybe you need some space to feel confident about your decision.

Anxiety is a messenger telling us that something isn’t in alignment with our highest good.
And since I learned that lesson, anxiety and I have become firm friends.

Nowadays, I’m grateful for it. Whenever I feel my heart beat faster, or my mind begin to race, I know there’s something there that I’m supposed to tune into.

Has anything been making YOU anxious, lately?
And what might be the message anxiety’s giving you?

If you stopped for a second to reassess & listened to your intuition, is there another choice you could make that’d be more in alignment with your current needs?

Wishing you a week of relaxation & peace,