Having Beautiful Everyday Balance

Having Beautiful Everyday Balance

More and more, as I write these Sunday Letters, I’m aware of a something: You’re just like me.


You’re meeting the good and the bad and doing it pretty well. You’re highly creative and high functioning. You have a deeper connection to something you’re passionate about and your life seems to be good, even if there might be smaller issues to deal with along the way.


You’re smart and wise, and you aren’t struggling with anything you’d call  a “real” problem. Everything is going along just fine and you know it.


You’re inspired to help others. You’re here to make a difference in the world. And you do, every day, in your own unique way. You just might desire a little more confirmation that you’re on the right track, that your endeavors are working and you will succeed.


I love this about you.


You know your higher self has got this. You’re emotionally mature and you’re succeeding every day, even if you question some things.  


And at the same time, you’ve got a strong mind that likes to challenge things (like me). Sometimes, difficult thoughts bubble up and speak more loudly. You’re not wounded or a victim. You’re handling adversity with a special ability to handle life. Over the years, you’ve built up a real emotional maturity, but there are moments when you might still wonder if you’re enough.


You aren’t reading this letter because you’re seeking or needing anything. And yet, a little helpful reminder goes a long way and it’s nice to wake up on a Sunday morning and get a little dose of inspiration.


You may be in transition, but you know you can handle it. You may want to leave a situation and are just looking for the courage to jump.  


You may be single and wondering when your soulmate will come. You may want to move or seek a new job. The kids may have grown up and moved away. Perhaps you’re retiring, lost a loved one, or you feel like your marriage is in decay.


You may want to know your true purpose or to develop a new passion.


Or, you may want to make subtle changes. You may not know exactly what they are yet, but you’re trying them out, on your own terms, in your own timing, exploring different possibilities.


There’s nothing wrong with you. There’s nothing to fix. You don’t need a spiritual teacher. You’ve been there, had that. You’re dealing with day-to-day issues like the empowered, in-tune, powerful human that you are.


And maybe, deep down inside you still question: Will my dreams come true? Am I okay? How do I handle my stress? Is there really nothing to fear? Am I making the right decisions? Could I be in better health or have better relationships? What more could I do to make a difference?


And it’s here that I want to deliver you a simple message:


You’re doing everything perfectly. Your life is on purpose exactly as it is.


Sure, you could be a little more positive when you doubt yourself.


Sure, you could take a little more action in a direction you may be wondering about.


Sure, you could step up your health or relationship dynamics, or stop worrying and find a way to fear  less. You could do a little more claim your life in the present as the perfect, gorgeous, abundant, and loving life that it is.


But really, overall, it’s all pretty great.


What I love about you is that you—like me—want to keep learning. You want to step up and increase your possibilities through inquiry and curiosity. You want your best life and you probably already know about  the few areas where you’d like to focus on to make it even greater.


So I ask you, quite simply, what are those small things you could tweak? How could you dial the knob up to have what you most want? What’s the next step you could take to feel 99% in alignment?


Choose one thing. Take one simple thing and write it down. Make it your focus: For the week, for the month. Until you achieve it. You know what it is. Just do it. And find total balance again.


Wishing your wholeness and entirety!