Getting Obsessed By Your Creative Passions

Getting Obsessed By Your Creative Passions

You know when you’re binging on a great show and you just can’t wait to watch the next episode? You’ll stay up all night watching it. You can’t wait to get home from work and grab a big bag of Buddha Bowl popcorn to catch up on the last season.

Well, what if this was how you felt about your creativity, brainstorming, and new ways of doing something? What if your creativity promised a HIGH that just didn’t want to stop flowing?

Watching TV is easy, but creativity can seem hard at times. Just like your favorite binge-worthy show doesn’t create new episodes all the time, creativity can have its down times like this too.

And sometimes we need a helpful spark to connect with our creativity again, to rediscover what turns us on, ignite our heart space, stimulate our brains, and be more engaged with the beauty and vitality that life has in store with us.

That’s why I’m offering some questions that can  propel your passions and jumpstart your creativity to do MORE than you ever thought possible, while having more FUN that seems sane or reasonable:

1.) What made you feel happy and playful as a child? Is there anything you experienced then that still entertains you? Something you could engage with again that could entertain you?

2.) What book, movie, podcast, interview or art inspired you recently? Can you get more of it? Where might that lead you?

3.) If you were to tell your life story, and share your life lessons (i.e. growing up, leaving home, getting married, having kids, starting over etc.) what might writing this story reveal to you  you about your passions?

4.) What if you asked people what turns them on and gives them passion? Call five friends and ask them about their obsessions  and see if you’re inspired to join them.

5.) Is there something you started and  enjoyed but put off? Can you return back to it? Is there something you  were you doing last year, or three, or four years ago that turned you on that you might investigate again?

6.) Is there something you would like to teach? Have you overcome a certain challenge that you know you could help people with? Could you start a group?

7.) What do others think you are good at or ask you to help them with? How might you expand on that to develop new passions?

8.) Where can you get totally lost and absorbed? What can you do repeatedly without getting bored?

The list is endless once you get started. Try one. Try two. See where it leads you. Chase excitement. You’ll feel the difference immediately. Plus, you never know what may come from it . . . maybe even a whole new you!

Wishing you fun, creativity, and productivity (not to mention happiness and sanity!)