Emotionally Sensitive Or Empathetic Badass? [VIDEO]

Emotionally Sensitive Or Empathetic Badass? [VIDEO]

It may seem to those who don’t know me that I’m an extrovert. But the truth is, I’m not.

I actually prefer to spend most of my time creating at home alone. I get nervous in social situations and sometimes have to call on my past acting experience to engage people with energy and involvement.

I’m afraid of large crowds (back story: getting trampled at a concert when I was young…) and I tend to get anxious with lots of people around me, especially when there’s a lot of noise.

The truth is, I’m actually really sensitive (although I hate to admit it) and I tend to feel things super deeply.

I admit I find myself resistant to crying. It isn’t always easy for me to give myself permission to cry because I fear several things:

I could get sucked up into the emotion and too overwhelmed.
I could go crazy and die.
People will think I’m troubled or wonder if there’s something wrong with me.
I will think I’m troubled or wonder if there’s something wrong with me.

It seems so silly to be afraid of crying when all of us are given the gift of tears.

When our cup is too full and overflowing, tears allow us to empty. But we stuff them down instead because of what our mind thinks of them.

In truth, tears are our superpower. They do all kinds of great things when we don’t attach meaning to them:

They allow us a release so that we can feel lighter, less anxious, more calm, more balanced, and in our body.

They give us strength in our vulnerability to fearlessly face anything.

They allow us to open our hearts to love and let love in, increasing intimacy, beauty, gentleness, and softness.

And they always, always come with something beautiful after—even it takes a little while:

A genuine smile.

Sometimes we just need a safe place to feel our feelings.

Sometimes I take a bath and feel the water pouring over me to have a release. Often, I find it on my yoga mat. Or when sharing with a friend, a loved one I trust.

But however we find it, it’s crucial for our overall happiness and health.

Wishing you freedom to feel and be alive!