Embracing ALL Of Who You Are [VIDEO]

Embracing ALL Of Who You Are [VIDEO]

I can play many roles. And so can you I bet. I’m a writer, a painter, a teacher, a therapist. I can be childlike and sophisticated, intense and silly, spiritual and rebellious.

I also have many personalities:

I can be the girl in jeans and t-shirt, thick socks and boots, walking on a trail next to a stream in the mountains, hands in pockets, enjoying nature’s silence.

I can wear Lululemon and hit the yoga class in LA, driving away in my Hybrid, stopping off for a juice at Café Gratitude, talking horoscopes, movies, and Twin Flames.

Or the one dressed in all black and dark eyeliner meeting a friend for a drink at the local bar near Park Avenue as the taxis honk and the streets clammer.

I can go home to Tulsa and sit in my mother’s backyard, surrounded by Maples and raccoons, listening to the hum of the cars on the freeway in the distance, with a cowboy friend who has a phenomenal accent, knowing I’m home.

Do you ever wonder who you are really?

I had a friend who was an actress. And also a healer. And also a comedienne.

She called me one day, upset.

Who am I? I thought I was an actress? But my career isn’t going how I want it to be . . . Have I failed if I became a healer and not an actress?

I told her just be ALL of it.

I like the intrigue of being well layered. Pliable.

Do you ever think you should be one way or another and question what you’re doing with your choices in your identity?

Do you think you need to be just ONE thing?

Or can you embrace all of your complicated constructs and keep it simple?

I mean,

Can we be ALL OF IT?

Can we be this and then THAT sometimes? And then THIS and then that, and maybe a TAD bit of that . . . And dabble here . . . And perhaps go THERE next? And be moveable and transitory and interesting?

Can we shift and go where our heart follows?

Can we never be limited to one thing?

Can we offer space for anything to arise?

Can we be interested in what part of us we haven’t known yet?

And continue to develop?

And let life roll itself out?

Because that’s super cool when we embrace it.

Be different everyday if you can.

Because that’s really the truth of it.

We’re never the same.

Our creativity lies there: In our own curiosity.

THAT’s what guides us. THAT’s what makes us claim ourselves.

Wishing you utmost uniqueness!