Designing Our Dreams The Way We Want Them To Be [VIDEO]

Designing Our Dreams The Way We Want Them To Be [VIDEO]

What is your dream? Let’s suppose you could dream any dream you wanted to dream and naturally fulfill all your wishes. How might that come into fruition?

I’ve been on many meditation retreats but, six years ago, I had a meditation I will never forget.

I was sitting in a dark Zendo in the San Bernardino mountains near Los Angeles, absorbed in my meditation. I saw an image of me in an artist’s loft. I was painting and working away on a book. I was vibrant and alive and full of creative energy.

I came home from the retreat and started looking for a loft in my neighborhood in Venice, CA. Nothing I saw felt like what I had seen in my vision.

Fast forward five years: What I couldn’t know, wouldn’t know, was that I would move and that the loft I dreamed of was actually in New York City. And, a few months ago, I finished a book.

It took five years, but I created what I wanted. I realized then that I was the artist of my own life.

But how do we design our dreams the way we want them to be?

1.) We have an opportunity to listen.

Sitting still enough to listen, I could hear what was truly calling me. The fact that one meditation stayed so prevalent in my mind, proved it was worthy of my attention.

If you have something whispering to you, place it from the background into the foreground – right in front of you.

Write it on a piece of paper and stick it on your fridge, so that it’s always there, smiling back at you.

2.) Trust the nature of life’s divine timing.

When we have a calling, it doesn’t always come to pass right then and there, or exactly how we want it to. Sometimes, preference can get in the way of our faith.

If we get down on ourselves or drop the dream because it hasn’t happened NOW, doubt can get in our way of manifesting it.

The trick is to hold it, but hold it with an open hand. The fact that it called out to us means it has a direct message. Creativity wants us to meet with it. But sometimes, there are things that we have to unwind, and unravel inwardly, to prepare us to get there.

When we stay in the river and allow it to guide us, it almost always leads us to the sea. Time is funny in the grand scheme of things.

3.) When a dream gets loud, jump.

At some point or another, we all make new decisions. We finally get clear that something that has been working for us for so long is no longer working.

We may feel resistant, scared, frightened. But when a “No,” one day becomes a blatant and glaring “Yes,” it’s time to go for it.

We may not know where this new dream may lead us, but we can longer be where are in the present.

It’s in this gap where all creativity is born—a surprise that’s beyond our control and the fabric of existence itself.

To creating what you most want!