Busting Through Boredom [VIDEO]

Busting Through Boredom [VIDEO]

Have you ever had a day where you’ve just grown sick and tired?


Like when you have the flu and you’ve been in a bed for a week and you simply can’t lie there healing any longer?


Or you start feeling bored from doing the same damn thing over and over? The same drive to work. The same stop off at Starbucks. The same sack lunch. Or hanging with the same people, week in week out.


Structure can be important. It gives us the foundation on which to build our lives. But sometimes we can get stuck in a pattern, looping in the same-old, same-old.


And relationships can get that way too—when at one point or another, one or the other gets frustrated and threatens to break up, just to wake the sleeping beast up.


These are IMPORTANT moments in the creative current. Like water flowing through a clogged pipe, creativity wants to burst through the dam and break us through to something better.


Many times when we’re stuck, we don’t know how to shake things up. We feel numb or listless, drifting or distracted. We float in some parallel universe.


But at some point we DO get tired. We get so sick of everything, we HAVE to create change in our life. And when that impetus comes, it’s crucial we follow it.


Creativity is asking us to go to the next level for a reason.


There is a bigger point to why it’s calling us. There may be a better option waiting for us that we didn’t know was possible—another job, a new group of friends, a new town to live in, a healthier relationship, a healthier body, a new passion that will take us to unexplored places.


Or rather than external change, it may be time to make changes within—a deeper level of interpersonal intimacy that brings inner joy, aliveness and spontaneity.


Ask yourself, right now in this very moment:


If I could do anything, big or small, that’s different than what I’ve been doing, what would it be?


Is there something calling to me that I have opportunity to listen to? Something new?


If I could take a risk or do something spontaneous, what would I do?


What would be fun right now? What would give me the most pleasure?


What if the crazy lady came into the room and did it for me?


Boredom is simply resistance—a fear of something that’s blocking our way.  


When we become aware of what we’re resisting, we know we’re being called to venture to a new level. 9 times out of 10, we know what that place is —we just need to act upon it.


Here’s to breaking free of all our limitations!