5 Fun Free Tools To Find Out More About YOU!

5 Fun Free Tools To Find Out More About YOU!

I had a phase where I was into everything woo-woo that could tell me more about who I was and where I was going. I thought it was cool.

And as we know, I’m into games, which is why I created two.

I think it’s fun to discover more about myself. I’m still reminded of many of the things I learned from drawing upon the tools.

Since people ask me for resources like this all the time, I thought I’d share a few with you. Here are some websites that offer fun free insight using various metaphysical sciences.

There’s so much info about YOU here you can learn about yourself for years!

Note: In most of the links below you’ll need your birth time. So get your birth certificate out to go on an informative and mind-blowing ride!


1.) Get your complete western astrology chart and learn more about you + your relationships.

Most people know their sun sign and that’s what they read when they read their horoscope. But your sun sign is just a very small piece in a VERY big pie. Seeing your whole chart offers you a universe of input.

Set up your free account and put in your info HERE. Once you have your chart you can get hordes of fascinating information by clicking around their free reports.

You can also enter in a person you’re in relationship with (or are thinking about being in a relationship with) and see how the two of you are combined HERE. (Click on each individual line on the chart.)

This information has proven to be incredibly accurate over the years and has helped me know what to look out for in both my relationships and myself.

2.) Discover where in the world you’re meant to live or travel.

You can do this on the same site above (after entering your info) HERE.

Click on the lines on the map of the world to see where you’re most likely to find love, experience pleasure, settle with family, have difficulties and more.

It’s called astro-cartography and it’s a super helpful to figure out where to move or where to vacation too.

3.) Find out if he’s the right man for you.

Carol Allen is a Vedic astrologist, which is different than the western astrology we’re most familiar with. It’s what’s used in India for successful arranged marriages.

You can see your Vedic chart by inputting your info HERE. Then, Google your Vedic signs on the net to find out all about them.

An extra bonus is her Right Man Report, which does cost money but offers valuable information.

4.) Learn more about your healthy and unhealthy temperaments and what to put your attention on to be your best self.

The Enneagram is a complex science based on a geometric figure that delineates your personality type and your inter-relationships. It goes back as far as Pythagorus.

Find out your number by taking the test HERE. This test is the most comprehensive I’ve found on the net. Then to see what your Enneagram number means go HERE.

There’s also plethora of free information on the web: Google the word Enneagram + your number.

5.) See how you function to better your relationships, career and staying on purpose.

Called Human Design, it’s based on the science of Neutrinos, tiny particles that carry mass, information and determine your unique imprinting, helping to make decisions and finding inner strength and clarity.

Put your info in HERE to see if you’re a Generator, Manifestor, Reflector or Projector. Once you get that info Google it and use it as a helpful guide.

And don’t forget about the interactive online version of The Game of You always available at your fingertips! All you have to do is opt-in if you haven’t done so yet.

Wishing you fun with self-discovery!