I’m big into unleashing the truest, free-est parts of you, so that you can experience more joy, more purpose, and more passion in your life.

So, here’s a radical question (or three):

What if . . .

. . . you already had everything you needed?
. . . you didn’t need to have it all figured out?
. . . there was no reason to compare yourself to anyone else?

I ask because, when it comes to YOU, there’s nothing you need to do. Nothing you need to change. And nothing you need to fix.

You get to be you. End of story. (Cue a deep sigh of relief.)

Oh, and if you’re waiting for permission to grab life by the cojones—consider this it.

Lynn Newman
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My Painting Process


I write on a wealth of topics — from freeing your passions, to finding lasting peace & happiness.
But ultimately? It all boils down to this:


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I’m Lynn Newman

I love to support others in having fun in their creative endeavors
whether that’s starting or completing a project, inviting more adventure, or simply bringing more ease and love into your life.

And I give you the tools you need to accomplish that.

I’d be honored if you’d join me.