I’m big into unleashing the truest, free-est parts of you, so that you can experience more joy, more purpose, and more passion in your life.

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I’m Lynn Newman.

A creativity expert with a Masters in counseling psychology. My goal is to help you ignite new ways to creatively re-invent YOUR LIFE.

Your passions are already beating loudly inside of you. And the wild part? They’re ready to be released right NOW.

I’d be honored if you joined me.

Lynn Newman

Looking for a fun & interactive way to learn more about YOU?

I created 2 games The Game of You and The Game of Insight to help you do exactly that.  
They’re a blast!

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I write on a wealth of topics — from freeing your passions, to finding lasting peace & happiness.
But ultimately? It all boils down to this:


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I love to support others in having fun in their creative endeavors
whether that’s starting or completing a project or simply bringing more love into your life.

And I give you the tools you need to accomplish that.

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