What’s For Your Highest Good Right Now? An Immediate Answer

What’s For Your Highest Good Right Now? An Immediate Answer

I write these Sunday articles some time before they’re posted and schedule them out on WordPress and Mailchimp.

That way I don’t have to worry about making a deadline and can keep on writing for magazines or focus on my memoir.

But a funny thing is happening while I read the articles each week as they come into my mailbox . . .

It’s very strange, I have to say. And I can’t explain it.

Each week the theme, tip or trick I offer is EXACTLY what I needed to hear THAT week.

(Is this happening for you, too? If so, will you reply to this with an email and let me know?)

It’s almost as though my Higher Self is intuiting in advance what I have opportunity to pay attention to.

It makes me think about the fact that we ALL have an innate intuition that guides us towards our own inner resources.

Each of our Higher Selves are here AT ANY GIVEN MOMENT to remind us of what we need to know right now.

In The Game of Insight, one of the places a player’s marker can land on the board after they roll the dice is on The Higher Self.

The game asks you to go within and share with the other players what your Higher Self says about what’s for your greatest good in regards to the issue you choose.

Although, I always see the players leave the game with tons of input from the cards on their Map of Insights (If you haven’t played the game, you can get one HERE) I also find each person’s Higher Self usually already knows the answers.


Go within and ask your Higher Self what He or She thinks is best for you right now. Close your eyes. Touch your heart. And listen.

And then, just as in the game, speak it out loud. (It’s better to speak out loud then write it. ‘Cause then it’s no longer an internal process and we can CLAIM it. )

While playing the game, people usually take about 30 seconds to give their Higher Self a voice. The player is asked to connect immediately by jumping in. And when the Higher Self speaks, it’s usually very concise and simple.

So simple, sometimes we miss it or think there’s something MORE to it.


What’s for my highest good in this present moment?

Listen and receive the (more than likely) simple answer.

Your Higher Self could answer anything. Big or small. It could reveal a greater purpose or just tell you to take the trash out…

Regardless of what it is—pay attention. Our Higher Self is the shiz-balls. He or She’s got our back. They know beyond question.

Wishing you an intuitive week!