Want To Create Instant Fun? [VIDEO]

Want To Create Instant Fun? [VIDEO]

There’s this technique and, if you’re anything like me, you could think it’s the dorkiest of all dorky self-help methods out there.

I was first asked to work with this technique when I was living in Santa Fe by a healer and I was like, Oh hell no – don’t put that new age crap on me!

Then, while getting my Masters in Spiritual Psychology, I found out it was a BIG part of the curriculum and I was like, OH, PLEASE! But truthfully, it was some of the most profound inner work I’ve done (once it was forced on me).

So much so, that it’s a tool in 5 of the cards in The Game Of You

The fastest, most instantaneous way to have some fun is to ask your Child Self what he/she wants to do.

Ick, cough, bleh, uh…WHAT?

(Right now MY inner child wants to take a pot and hit a pan and run all around the room, screaming INNER CHILD INNER CHILD INNER CHILD INNER CHILD – just ‘cause it sounds THAT ridiculous…)

No really, if you think about it, it does make sense.

When were you the happiest, most playful, not-caring-what-anyone-thinks, fun-loving, get-your-hands dirty, little human?

Isn’t that the part of you that lets go and REALLY knows how to have some fun?

So, the trick is to ask your child-self what he or she wants to do and to schedule a play date with yourself.


There’s also a second part of this and it’s a rule. (You know how kids need rules.)

As you go on this “date”:

Don’t think about what other things you need to do or get done or think about anything at ALL, actually.

Just enjoy some plain simple fun. (Remember FUN?!)

If you were to have this date once a week, it would TOTALLY change your mood. Give you extra energy. Not to mention it’ll add lightness and amusement to all the other hard, mundane, difficult things you do.

Maybe your little self wants to ride a bike, take a pottery/dance/improv class, dig up dirt in your garden, roll in the grass, bake cupcakes, ride a Ferris wheel, go to a car show, or visit a fire station and talk with the firemen (Oh yeah, my adult self would love to do that too! Wink.)

It’s all about making our kid-self happy. And when they’re happy, we’re happy.

Find a reason to laugh and be silly.

What will you do with your child-self this week? (Child self sounds SO much better than inner child, somehow…)

When I have these dates, I swear it makes all the difference to my happiness.


To a playful date this week!