Stepping Through Resistance As We Meet Our Dreams

Stepping Through Resistance As We Meet Our Dreams

When I was doing my Spiritual Psychology Masters, part of the curriculum was a project that asked us to choose something we always wanted to do and commit to following it through,  completing it by the end of the year.


Whether that was writing a novel, or learning how to fly, or becoming a chef – whatever dream you had always wanted but hadn’t accomplished, the school supported you by giving you a support team of fellow classmates, an advisor and monthly papers tracking your growth and achievements.


The point of this project was based on a four-line model:


Mental, emotional, spiritual and physical.


The idea was that the challenge of stretching yourself on the physical level— the densest and most difficult—would force material on the emotional, spiritual and mental to rise.


It gave you fodder, so to speak, to work on yourself on the other three levels, besides the obvious win of achieving a dream.


For example, let’s say you want to lose weight and you commit to it. At some point or another, losing pounds is going to bring up thoughts, emotions and even a question of faith along with it. They need to be released too. Too often, we stop because we don’t want to experience the other levels that arise when we do something.


But what we don’t realize is that these thoughts and emotions are shedding along with the physical. We attach ourselves to these thoughts and feelings and think it means something about us. We feel stuck and fall back into old ways because we fear that we’ll never be free of the pain.


In truth, it is that which no longer serves us that is leaving us.


The idea is to change our perspective when we feel feelings: To see that thoughts and feelings have come in order to RELEASE, not to hurt us.


To understand that the feelings are from our past – most likely our VERY distant past – with little to do with the present..


From the present time advantage, we can see it as simply our past that we’ve carried emptying from us. Our opportunity is to reframe how we’re seeing things:


It’s not OF me—it’s moving THROUGH ME.


Seeing this energy as moving through us, we can’t get stuck. We can have faith in its release, let go, move on, and continue towards our goal’s destination.


We understand that challenging ourselves to create something new on the physical level will force old thoughts and feelings to arise too and, because of this, we don’t have to make sense of them or attach meaning to them.


They can just go out with everything else.


Whatever we fear is not in the doing of the new, but in the past rising up to greet us. When we see it from this point of view, the past no longer governs us and we can stay on the task at hand, free to create the dreams we really want without anything disturbing us.


To creating your dreams with love!