More And More Joy In Store For You!

More And More Joy In Store For You!

Many years ago, a friend taught me how to knit. And . . . I really dug it.

People who know me think it seems so out of character. (I’m not necessarily the crafty type.) But there’s something about holding the needles and feeling colorful soft yarn between my fingers that gives me so much pleasure.

One stitch at a time relaxes and grounds me. And then there’s the magic of watching each one gradually morph into something amazing to wear.

I delight in having a special secret when I go out wearing something I knitted, since no one knows I made it.

I knit PURELY because I ENJOY doing it.

If we’re drawn to take an improv class, or learn to sing, or throw clay onto a wheel, or build a car in our garage, we don’t do it for anyone else or for any other reason than we were called to.

Our intuition is guiding us to have this experience because it knows it has something to offer us. And it’s usually MORE than we could realize.

When we do something we love for our pleasure, it ALWAYS has a much bigger impact on our spirits.

Because once we ignite creativity, it carries us.

Like a river finding its sea, the current of creativity guides us into unexplored territory. And even though we never know where it might lead, it always ultimately leads to a bigger body of water.

Like . . .

I went to cooking school for fun, only to discover how much I enjoyed having dinner parties that brought my friends together.

I learned the Tarot, thinking I was crazy and too “woo-woo”, but it ended up giving me the idea to create a book and card deck set, (now published) called The Game of You.

I attended a painting workshop and found I wanted to keep painting on my own. For 20 years now, I’ve continued to deepen an intimate relationship with myself through the process.

And while I knit, it’s like active meditation, and brings me a greater sense of peace.

Creativity has this wonderful way of connecting us to an expansion of happiness that continuously pulls at our heart strings.

And that’s a VERY cool thing.

There’s something more that has more in store for us than we could possibly predict— adventures, surprises and spontaneity ready to unfold and open to us.

So what’s calling to YOU? What’s asking you (even if it’s in a whisper) to try something new? Even if sounds silly or unlike you?

Trust creativity has your back for some reason and it’s waiting to inspire you.

Wishing you a week of pure joy!