How To Make A Decision In One Simple Step [VIDEO]

How To Make A Decision In One Simple Step [VIDEO]

I have four planets in Libra.

In other words: I can be VERY indecisive.

Whether I want to grab a quick bite, go on vacation somewhere, or live someplace completely new, I tend to go round and round in circles—often not knowing which to choose.

Well, THIS is a good option . . . and so is this.
Well, this could happen . . . and so could THAT.

On the flip side, sometimes it’s the opposite, and I have NO clue what to do next. At those times, I’ll play a little game.

I’ll ask myself,

If no money, limitations, irrational beliefs or worries were in my way, what would I do?

That doesn’t ALWAYS help—especially when it feels like just a fantasy.

At other times, it DOES work. I discover things I hadn’t thought of before, or what I didn’t believe could be possible. It helps me become more interested in how I might make choices in my life without conditions and inhibitions.


What has the most juice?

What lights me up when I think about it?
What gives me the most energy?
What makes me excited or interested or enthralled?
What if it didn’t HAVE to be in alignment or fit with anything else?
What if it didn’t have to make sense?

When I’m in tune with the juice, I feel a “YES!”

A friend used to say to me:

Say “no” until it’s a full and complete “yes!”

Because if a YES has anxiety or fear attached to it, it’s NOT a “yes”. The right decision feels good. Our intuition knows. It tells us—even if our mind questions it.

Our body sighs with relief:

“Ahhhhh . . . YES!”

And that clarifies our decision.

When I work with artists & sense they’re unsure which direction to go next in their project, I ask them:

“Where’s the juice?”

“What has the most energy?”

It may not be the answer they THOUGHT it would be, but they almost never hesitate to answer immediately.


Where’s your juice this week?

What could you do in your life that would turn you on, excite you, or provide you with a sense of relief?

To one hell of a juicy week,