How To Have Great Sex . . . EVERY time [VIDEO]

How To Have Great Sex . . . EVERY time [VIDEO]

Got your attention?

I thought that might. *wink*

How we are in bed (and in life & with EVERY creative endeavor, in fact) comes down to one thing, and one thing only:

How open & willing we are to connect.

If we shut down, the spark dies.
But if we allow ourselves to fully meet what’s in front of us by letting our inhibitions go, we free ourselves up to experience some seriously hot action.

I’m not talking about wild one-night stands.
Because sex without connection is empty. (So is art. So is life.)

And when I talk about letting go, I don’t mean that we act recklessly or without a purpose.

Instead, it’s about respect & careful attention, while openly meeting what you LOVE with abandon.

THAT’S what makes a great lover (with others, with life, with art.)

And that’s where you’ll find that you’re rewarded with the FULL experience. Because there ain’t nothin’ quite like true, I’m-here-I’m-present-and-I’m-listening lovemaking (or art-making, or life-making) to take you to new heights of ecstasy.

But how do we connect so deeply with someone (or something) in the first place?


It’s not about it—the thing, project, person—the only way is to love ourselves, first.

Trite, I know. But it makes sense . . .

  • If we’re making love to a person we adore, but we feel crap about ourselves, the sex is. . . crap. We’ve got nothing to give ’cause we aren’t full in ourselves. We can’t receive because we don’t believe we deserve pleasure.
  • If we feel GREAT about ourselves—in our heart, open, and creating a deeper sense of connection—well, then we’re HOT. And THAT, right there, makes for some smokin-hot sex.

Put simply:

To create what we want, sexiness is key. And to be sexy means to LOVE ourselves.

When we embrace all that we are, (big hips, cellulite ‘n’ all) we’re finally free. By loving more of who we are, we create more love and intimacy. We feel GOOD about ourselves—and people are drawn to that. They want to connect with us because our feeling good makes them feel good.

It’s a win/win situation.


What do I love MOST about me?

Put it out for others to see and connect.

Give yourself full permission to be smokin’ hot.

Claim something GREAT about yourself & whip it on up!

Wishing you a love-filled week!