How To Avoid Distraction & Be A Zillion-Times More Productive [VIDEO]

How To Avoid Distraction & Be A Zillion-Times More Productive [VIDEO]

You have a project that you scheduled time out for today. And you’ve known for a week that THIS was the day.

But as soon as you sit down to start, the phone rings, and you’ve gotta take this call.

Next thing you know, you receive a Facebook notification. So you login to find out how many people liked the photo you posted.

Then you notice you’re thirsty, so you grab yourself an ice tea.

You stretch & realize you’re feeling stiff, so you decide to go for a run.

After you cool off on the sofa, you look down at your nails and decide you can’t go ONE more day without a manicure.

Later, you sit down again to get started—only, the dog wants you to play ball.

Before you know it, it’s lunchtime, so you head to the kitchen.

You get my drift . . .

It’s not our fault. Not really. It’s what our minds do. It’s their way of protecting us from having to meet the discomfort of getting something done that we don’t want to do.

But why are we so uncomfortable?


Because we think we have to get it DONE.

The pressure’s on.

We don’t think about just starting from where we are, in the present moment.

Nope, we think about all the steps it’s going to take to finish the project. We count the hours or weeks in our heads that it’s going to take to complete it.

We are looking into the future, fearing all that has to get done. And we feel (understandably) overwhelmed.

We don’t want to do it because it brings up feelings in us. We might fear the emotions that may arise while doing it.

Fear of:

. . . failure
. . . judgment
. . . rejection
. . . grief

anything we might be afraid of.

But if we start where we are, and simply begin, we might find our fear is faulty.

I know sometimes my fear can get in my way, so I have a rule:

If it’s writing I’m meant to do, I head straight for my keyboard & I don’t let myself touch anything else. I put my fingers to the keys & I start typing. I don’t let myself stop. I don’t let anything interrupt me. I barely even let myself pee. And if what I write is crap, then it’s crap. But at least I’m writing.

And you know what? Even if I don’t FINISH, I feel good.

I discover there was NOTHING to fear.

Because I showed up.
Because I took action.
Because I made something happen.

What if all you did today was just show up?

Over time, if we KEEP showing up, it’ll eventually get done. I promise.

Wishing you a kick-ass week of productivity!