Unleash the TRUEST parts of you to experience more JOY, more PURPOSE, and more PASSION in your life.

Hi, I'm Lynn.

I’m an artist, writer, game inventor, and have a masters in counseling psychology.

Ultimately, I believe that everything we do is creative:

The way we think.

The way we problem solve.

The way we make the most of our lives.

Let’s dive in together to create your life how you really want it.


3 EASY, FREE & FUN Ways To Get Started On Your Creative Life’s Journey:


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4 days of Lynn’s short guided meditations to create more joy, purpose and passion.

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Play The Game of You to gain instant guidance on your life and relationships.


The Muse in You: Lynn’s latest book on embracing creativity to overcome life’s difficulties!

“Lynn is the guide to help you know who you are.” - Don Miguel Ruiz

Looking for a fun and interactive way to learn more about you?

The Game of You and The Game of Insight help you to do exactly that.

They’re a blast!

I write on a wealth of topics—from firing up your creativity, to fearlessly facing transitions, to finding lasting peace and happiness, to having more fulfilling relationships. Join me on the adventure!