Getting In Touch With Your True Identity

Getting In Touch With Your True Identity

Growing up, my mother instilled in me her list of core values. I’m grateful that she even called them “values” so, now as an adult, I understand how to identify them.


Our core values help us to make better decisions and live a more meaningful and purposeful life. They also help us to know our true identity, so that we can shine light on everyone we touch and everything we do.


Some of my Mom’s values (which are also now my own) include:


  • Generosity: We must make the world a better place
  • Integrity: We must always follow through with our word
  • Accountability: We must be responsible
  • Gratitude: We must always be thankful


Now that I’ve grown up, I’ve chosen other values too, such as:


  • Love and Self Love
  • Peaceful-Aliveness
  • Gentleness
  • Mental/Emotional/Physical/Spiritual Health
  • Creativity
  • Wisdom
  • Joy


We set the foundation for success when we really know our values. They help determine how we go about our business and careers, form our relationships, choose a particular lifestyle, begin any new project and complete it, parent our children, and how we make a difference in the world.


Most importantly, our values are what create our sense of self, esteem, and self-confidence. They drive us to create what we most want in our lives.


As Zig Zigler says, “You cannot consistently perform in a manner which is inconsistent with how you see yourself.”


If we act or do something that doesn’t feel in alignment, if we find ourselves unhappy, stuck, or unfulfilled, then we know that we are not behaving in accordance to our values.


That’s why it’s important to be really aware of who you are and what you stand you for.


To truly be in touch with your identity and to help you create everything you want in your life, list out the top 10 values that are important to you.


Write down the 10 values you uphold the most.


After you’ve written them down, ask yourself if there is anything in your life you are displeased about, anything that might be making you unhappy, any decision that feels hard to make, or any relationship difficulties you’d like to resolve. Look closely and see if each situation is in alignment with each of your 10 values.


If not, take the time to notice you are out of alignment and make some notes about this on your list.


After I do a process like this it helps me to write a vision statement. I write in the present tense as if what I want to create is happening right now and I include some of my top values in the statement.


Here’s an example of one of my vision statements:


I am 100% taking care of my health, loving myself, creating peace, and remaining in my integrity. I am full of life, vitality, joy, and happiness and I radiate brightly. I have never felt more accomplished and will remain accountable for myself to continue growing into my best self.


Before my daily meditation, I read this out loud for a week or more to really infuse it with energy and embody it. You can find a time that works best for you, whether that’s driving to work or while making your morning coffee.


Wishing you happiness as you embrace your totality!