Embracing Creativity to Overcome Life’s Difficulties

Embracing Creativity to Overcome Life’s Difficulties

If you haven’t heard—my book, The Muse in You – Embracing Creativity to Overcome Life’s Difficulties comes out April 28th and is ready for pre-order. I am over the moon excited and hope to share it with you!


Last week I shared the first half of the introduction, here’s the second half for you:


Nothing’s harder or more painful than having to face loss and adversity. We can experience many confusing stages that make us question everything. Negative emotions can take over and cripple us when our relationships bring challenges, or we endure the loss of health, a home, job, or loved one, or when we wish for just once that when things started to get good, they would stay that way.


Yet tough times are really offerings to show us what no longer serves us. Once they’ve passed, they no longer have power over us.


No one, including myself, wants to feel pain. When suffering from depression, I became accustomed to the lethargic haze, heavy-laden legs, and foggy head that made other people’s words waft way above me. My heart used to pound from anxiety that sometimes made me feel so vulnerable I feared leaving home.


The day I overcame that anxiety, was when I finally stopped trying to force myself to be different than I was. I came to the realization that there was no problem with me and being human truly was enough.


These are some questions that helped me that I hope help you.


What if:

  • There was nothing you had to do, change, or fix?
  • You didn’t have to be different than you are?
  • You could love and accept your big beautiful self?


I was taught while getting my counseling psychology degree with an emphasis on spirituality, We’re all spiritual beings having a human experience. For decades, I focused on the spiritual part, but what about just being human?


We want to believe a life-changing transformation will come upon us, and one day like magic, we’ll wake up and all of our issues will have vanished.


I was looking for something outside of me to save me, to rescue me and most importantly, to change me, rather than just let myself be all that I was.


Without the pressure, grasping and need to fill what I thought I was lacking, I could feel at home with myself and find peace. I could have more acceptance and compassion for what arose in me.


And rather than fix it, try to change it, I allowed it to be present. I didn’t have to do anything. I was free.

  • Could you still better yourself without any pressure?
  • Focus not only on accomplishing, but just being and learning?
  • Be more than okay just the way you are in all your messy glory?
  • How would this feel?
  • What would you do differently?


The purpose of this book, with its stories, worksheets, quick exercises, meditations, and the inspired questions it asks offer you the support you need during the tough times. We can sometimes forget the awake, creative, beings we truly are. This is a loving reminder.


In the coming chapters, we will address:

  • How do we transcend our circumstances to find lasting peace and happiness?
  • How do we unlock the chains of the mind and become free again?
  • How do we exist in joy, certainty, and radiance?
  • How do we invite more adventure into our lives, free our passions, start and complete projects, or simply have less stress and more ease?
  • How do we discover our life purposes and move quickly towards our desired destination?
  • How do we have a deeply intimate, loving, healthy, relationship?
  • How do we create more of what we want to reach our dreams?


There are answers to these questions and they might not be what you think they’d be. It’s not the answers we’re striving to seek. It’s the questions. You’ll see.


Ready to be the muse? Preorder now.


All my love,