A Magical Way To Find Your Answers [VIDEO]

A Magical Way To Find Your Answers [VIDEO]

15 years ago, my past painting teacher, Michele Cassou was training me to teach intuitive painting at Esalen. She gave me a great tip that not only ended up helping me as a teacher, but changed my life dramatically.

In the workshops, as each attendee stood at the wall in front of their paintings, the teachers would go around and support them in their process.

Sometimes we stood lovingly in a corner just holding space and waiting for someone to call on us if they were stuck or had a question.

Michele’s warning to me was, If a person asks you to come over and you don’t know how to answer their question, DON’T.

At first, I thought this was because she worried that I, as a new teacher, would answer wrong.

But the more I trained, the more I realized that wasn’t what it was about at all.

When we try to pretend we know an answer to a question, or think we know what we’re doing when we’re uncertain, it’s impossible to meet the moment with presence.

Our ego’s in the way because it’s our head that’s trying to find answers. Sometimes, it isn’t easy to admit we don’t know, especially when we think we should know it.

Instead, be interested in joining the journey of discovery.


Answers don’t come from our head. They come from a deep inner insight or awareness.

We THINK we have to know it all. We THINK as humans it’s our job to have it all figured out.

But sometimes, the simple act of offering an openness to explore is what we’re REALLY after.

When we let go of having to know, we create space for the energy to flow.

I’m reminded of this in my daily life, often. When I feel stuck or unsure, I tell myself that it’s okay to not be certain.

I trust that if I keep going and not get in my own way, I offer permission for what I’m searching for to arise on its own.

THIS is where intuition gets downloaded. NOW, I’m truly guided.

When I stop seeking, forcing, searching, or racing through my mind for the right next step and relax, meeting it with presence moment to moment, something magical happens . . .

Suddenly, out of nowhere, when it’s ripe and ready — the answer APPEARS. I feel it from my gut, not my head. And THEN, I know.

We know, because we just feel it. Our body lights up. There’s a wondrous, clear energy. We’re awake. And from there, we take action.

Wishing you a week full of inner-knowing!