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Why NOT To Fear in Times of Transition

Sometimes, things don’t make sense.

. . . especially when we’re in transition.

Like, when a relationship with someone we adore ends.
Or we lose a job that we depended on to put food on the table.
Or we pour everything into getting something we really want . . . and then we don’t get it.

When stuff like this happens, we can’t seem to imagine our lives without it. And we worry something else won’t come to replace it.

I remember when I sold my house, after I signed a lease on a rental I loved. But the lease fell through, and when I was supposed to move I found myself homeless instead.

I remember when a relationship with a man that I dearly loved ended. I was heartbroken. I couldn’t see myself with anyone else. And I was frightened of being alone.

I remember when I applied to my dream school and didn’t get accepted—only a few days before graduating from high school. I was terrified that I wouldn’t have a college announced by the time I received my diploma.

But it’s amazing how life works, isn’t it? It’s kind of magical . . .

Because somehow, at some point, something DOES arise to replace what we lost—and it’s usually something BETTER.

The problem is, it’s hard to trust, in those grief-filled moments, that something else is on its way. Something that will make us happier, or align better with who we are, or take us to a whole ‘nother level of consciousness.


In times of transition, when something is lost or taken away, it’s usually because it no longer serves us.

When the lease fell through, I had to put everything into storage. A neighbor asked me, “Lynn, when’s the next time you won’t have a mortgage to pay & everything you own is in storage? Why don’t you explore somewhere else? Like a new city you’ve wanted to experience?” So I went to New York City. It’s where I live now. (And I love it.)

When my relationship ended, my creativity really took off. I felt happy, full and excited by all my new projects.

When I wasn’t accepted into my dream school, it opened the way for me to go someplace else that was extremely cutting edge—not the school I THOUGHT seemed right for me, but one that proved to be life-changing .

Looking back at the stories of your life now, during times of transition, do you see that what was lost was replaced with something better?

This week, pay special attention to when something ends (after all, something is ending at any given moment) and stay open to what comes forward in its place.

Is it better than what you had anticipated?

Wishing you a magical week!

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Lynn Newman