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The Freedom To Flower Fully

You know those important times in life when you want to make something very special?

That time and extra effort you put in can stay with you forever.

Like a New Year’s Eve night on the town.
Or a Valentine’s romantic dinner.
Or your wedding.
Or that birthday cake you baked.

We want it to be beautiful, we want it to be lovely, we want it to be OUTSTANDING.

And sometimes it is. Sometimes it all works out perfectly.

And sometimes it doesn’t. And we’re grown up enough to know that that’s how life works out sometimes—even if we feel disappointed.

We’ve learned from experience, it’s much more enjoyable when we aren’t attached to the outcome.

We know how much more we will get out of the whole experience when we simply relish in the moments, instead of hoping for perfection.

But sometimes, we can put a lot of pressure on ourselves, or others, for it to all roll out in the way we wanted it to.

We can grip too hard to the point of suffocating the outcome. All because we long for it to be FABULOUS.

The same goes with creating.

When we want to produce something but are so caught up in it having to be significant, we’re controlling it.

Control and the need to make up for what we might feel is “lacking” takes us out of the spontaneity to be creatively free.

If I sit down to write with the self-imposed expectation to create something amazing, I may find myself staring at a blank screen.

If I lose the freedom to write junk. To make s#*t. It takes me out of the current of creativity.

If I try to paint an exact realistic replica of a desired image in my mind and that’s not what comes out on the paper, I may be so frustrated that I put the brush down.

If we think we must be special, or seen as special, or do that ONE thing that no one has EVER done then we stifle our creativity.


Ask yourself,

What if I didn’t HAVE to create something special? What if it could be ANYTHING and I could just let it be?

What if I could write an article right now that didn’t have to blow anyone’s socks off? That no one liked? That no one EVER read?

What if I wrote right now for the sheer joy of writing without worrying about any results? Or making it a BIG DEAL? Or taking it too seriously?

What if I met whatever is inside of me just AS IT IS?

Phew! I’m off the hook. Space opens up with PERMISSION. I’m in the river, flowing again.

The white-death-knuckle-grasp of holding something so dear, so tight, so close . . . loosens and flowers open.

Instead of getting caught in the ego of “specialness”, we get to just be real.

We’re unimpeded to allow anything to happen. And whatever DOES happen, we don’t have to take it personally. It doesn’t say anything about US.

Now, we can keep on blooming and have some FUN!

Go get’ em this week:)

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Lynn Newman