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The Doldrums – How To WAKE Up!

Sometimes when I’m painting, I get bored.

Or tired. Or indifferent.

My strokes continue, I keep going for color and meeting brush to paper but I’m just plodding along . . . Nothing fun or exciting is happening. I want to stop painting.

At this juncture, I know to ask myself this question:

What if something NEW could come IN or OUT of the painting?

Sometimes when I ask, an image like snakes want to come out of somewhere or lightning bolts shoot down or an enormous big black beast wants to stab me with knives. Yeah, lets’ go THERE!

Even though when I ask the question it can be scary, I’m AWAKE again! (Cue: Deep, booming roar . . .)

Sometimes it brings emotion with it. But if it does, the feelings are ready to be released. Then, we are emptied and have all new open space to explore!

For many of us, boredom surfaces all too often. And when we feel that way, it’s hard to snap out of it.

But boredom is often just resistance.

When we’re bored, we’re afraid . . . of something. We’re playing it safe. Tiptoeing around what we really want.

To really get out of boredom and lethargy, it takes BRAVERY. A willingness to to wake the sleeping beast & look it right in its beating eyes. To truly face what is underneath our fear. And to smash through our goals & stay the course we want for our lives.

Sometimes, we need our foundation shaken — to wake up.


What if something NEW could come in or out of my life?

It could be anything! Big or small.

What might be that thing that’s ready and calling you to wake up & shake up your life?

Wishing you a bold, beastly week!

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Lynn Newman