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The Clue To Having True Intimacy.

Have you heard the expression Intimacy means INTO ME I SEE?

Kinda’ cool, right?

When we desire intimacy, the key is to be able to see into our own selves and get clear about what we really need inside of us…

We’d LOVE to get that from someone else. Yet, in our desire to create the relationship we want, it’s our responsibility to make the difference.

In my personal experience, EVERY time I wished the person I was in a relationship with would give me the love, support, attention or validation I wanted, my neediness humbled me.

Instead, rather than get the closeness I wanted from another, my grasping would cause them to take a step back.


It’s not someone else’s job to give us what we want. It’s OURS.

We have an opportunity to SEE what we want and then CREATE that in ourselves:

  • If I want more passion, then I have an opportunity to be more passionate.
  • If I want more love, then I have an opportunity to be more loving to another and myself.
  • If I want more compassion, then I have an opportunity to be more compassionate with another and myself.
  • If I want more joy, fun and happiness, then I have an opportunity to appreciate the joys of my beloved more and create MORE joy, fun and happiness for myself.
  • If I want more attention, then I have an opportunity to attend to my own needs.

So easy, right? And freeing, too! Because then we aren’t looking to others to fill what we feel we are lacking.

Too often we think, Aren’t THEY supposed to fix everything?

Uh, nope.

You have no idea how many times in my past I wanted to manipulate a relationship to have what I was unable to give to another or myself.

But in the end, what it came down to was ME.

Be the person you want in a relationship.

It’s not about THEM, after all.

Wishing you a week of intimacy!

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Lynn Newman