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Create Your Dreams in 15 Minutes

We all have dreams—dreams we may think could never be. Too often, we put these dreams off, waiting to feel like everything is “right.”

Because of this, our enthusiasm wanes, our light dims, and we keep our dreams in a box unopened.

I have the solution.

Join me as I guide you through an easy and simple four-part process that will support you to have the big, beautiful life intended for you. 

What's Your Dream?

What do you want to create in your life? Do you want to write a novel? Have a loving, healthy relationship? Experience better health? Or simply rediscover how to live life with passion? I created this course to help you accomplish any dream using this simple, yet transformational four-step process. 

I’ve been teaching and using the creativity principles offered in this course for over 20 years and have watched hundreds of people, including myself, make long-lasting life changes. Whether that’s starting or completing a project or simply bringing more love into your life, I give you the tools you need to accomplish that.

So, are you ready to unleash your wildest creative self and create what you’ve always dreamed of? Let's get started on this creative journey. Together

The Course

"Create Your Dreams in 15 Minutes" 

This video is the cornerstone of the course. Together, we'll dive in and identify what you want to create and plan the steps you'll take to make that dream a reality.

"My Dream in Frution" PDF

This PDF is the roadmap to making your dreams a reality. Intention is the driving force to put what we want into action. Intention is POWER that leads to creation. And when we intend to create something, we become magicians who believe in our ability to make magic happen. 

"The Judge" Video

This bonus course was created just in case you may run up against feelings of being stuck, unsure, or uncertain about manifesting what you want. Working with "The Judge," you learn how to overcome your self-doubts and build a greater sense of self. 

"Freedom From Limiting Beliefs" PDF

This PDF is a complimentary exercise to "The Judge" video and offers you practical exercises for identifying obstacles and the steps you'll take to overcome them.

Guided Meditation

In this five minute meditation, you'll practice the principles of this program, creating clarity, peace, and a relaxed frame of mind to help you ground your ideal purpose.

"35 Creative Questions to Ignite the Life You Want" 

Let's spark your intution and initiate your dreams! What is it you want to create in this moment? How will you dive in? What if you took a risk? These are only a few of the questions you'll be prompted to answer along the path of creating your ideal life.

Full Video Transcripts

Full transcripts of the videos for you to take notes, highlight key steps, and draft the framework to achieving your dreams.

Audio Only Version

You'll recieve MP3 versions of both videos so that you can listen to the course in the car, on your phone, or anywhere your journey takes you.

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