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If You Don’t Know What’s Next For You – I’ve Got The Answer!

I like to think of myself as a daring adventurer.

But in truth, it’s a guise.

When I’m traveling,

I reserve tickets.
I reserve hotel rooms.
I reserve a rental car.

I’m rarely off the grid or off the map.
And if something goes wrong, I don’t always keep my cool.

I usually prefer to know what’s next, and what the next stage of my journey will look like. Yet circumstances change. And sometimes, life happens without me.

Things feel different when I’m creating, though—and for that I’m grateful. I’m freer when I paint, as though I’m on an adventure. After all, it’s only a piece of paper! Or when I write, I can always file a Word doc for a later date.  

And yet, I wouldn’t be able to show up for my life in the way that I do creatively (or otherwise) if I wasn’t truly, honestly fascinated by the mystery of it.

I mean, it intrigues me . . .
One day, I was worried The Game of You would never get published. I was depressed, thinking my dreams wouldn’t come true. The following DAY I got a call from my publishing company wanting the game.

One day, I thought I was moving into a small cottage in Santa Monica. Within a matter of weeks, I found myself moving to New York. (A city I didn’t think I would ever live in.)

One day, I finished my memoir, uncertain what my next project would be. Within a relative amount of time, a book about creativity began to emerge.

I admit I get uncomfortable around uncertainty.

I can’t tell you how many times I’ve said to a friend, “I don’t know what’s next for me,” only to have something new present itself just around the corner.

An apple takes time to ripen until it falls off it’s tree. Many times, it doesn’t fall when we want.

Sometimes, good things take time.

Yet, we aren’t always guaranteed outcomes and hanging out in space CAN be frightening. But what if we trust what is for our highest good WILL come?


What if you didn’t HAVE to know what’s next for you?

What if you didn’t have to force nature and could hang out in the unknown for awhile?

Are you in a period right now where you just need to keep doing what you do and let nature ripen?
Or is the fruit ripe and ready—and are you paying to attention to it?

If we grasp onto something—like needing to know what’s next—we can shut down the flow. When we’re afraid of the unknown, we tend to want answers to our questions NOW.

But what if we stayed open to anything happening, while continuing to ripen?

What will you be grateful for & enjoy right now, as you allow your life to happen?

May this week be a fun exploration!

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Lynn Newman