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When You Have Too Many Creative Ideas! What Do You Do?

Sometimes, I’ll get a call from a client who’s super-excited because they have all these new creative ideas. All these hot projects are in their popper. Many things—all at once—are inspiring them.

I call this the “Download Zone.”

It’s as if, from out of nowhere, the switch gets turned on. Our inner-vision machines have sparked their engines and we’re generating new material.

It’s such a blessing when this happens, because sometimes we can feel like we’re drying up from dehydration out in the desert.

I remember in one 45-minute meditation I came up with The Game of You, my book and card deck set, as well as The Game of Insight board game.

I just knew something BIG had happened.

I went to work right away—not wanting the energy to drop out. It took me three years to complete all of those projects. They don’t happen overnight—even if sometimes, that’s how we receive them.



  • When ideas come, they take time to germinate. Keep them close, keep them fresh, but don’t worry . . . you WON’T lose them IF they’re really calling to you.

  • When you have a great idea, it WILL still be a great idea later. And sometimes this is a great test. If it’s still hot a little down the road, you’ve got something here!

  • Nothing is done well if overwhelm is present. Multi-tasking and doing lots of things at once can cause us to feel like we’re spinning. When we aren’t grounded, what we do is second best at best … so don’t lose contact with the moment as you allow yourself to DREAM BIG.

But when we have a lot creative insights, epiphanies or MANY projects we want to do, where do we start and how do we complete them?

Start with the idea that has the MOST energy. Everything else will naturally unfold from there.

We intuitively know all the things we want to do and because we sense this, our mind tries to map it out. But we can’t … not from here. Because we’re in the “download zone.”

The trick is to listen & receive the messages—to go for it—but ONLY STEP BY STEP.

The first thing I did after that meditation was write out a simple, rough sketch.

Then I asked myself . . . What has the most energy to do right now? (ie. to name the cards.)

Then, when that was complete, I asked, What has the most energy right now? (i.e. to paint them.)

And then? (i.e. to write the chapters.)

And so on . . .

NOTE: Sometimes if we get an idea, it could change for us in the future. We’ll only know what has the most energy when we meet it in the present.

These downloads need to be paid attention to. They’re important.

To really create in a way that can be real and promising, we need to meet them with capacity.

Go for what you want this week—step by step!

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Lynn Newman