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Have You Ever Felt Like A Fraud? I Have.

Sometimes, I think it’s silly that I offer advice to people when my own life is far from perfect.

I’ve collected wisdom over the years and don’t always apply it. Or I know what to do or say and don’t do or say it. Or I think, after some life experience, that I know everything.

I’ve had teachers before who gave me gems of wisdom that were priceless. Gems I carried around in my pocket from that moment on. . .

I developed friendships with some of those teachers. And later, was surprised when I discovered their humanness. Oddly, it felt like some form of betrayal.

Somehow, not knowing about their life, their mistakes, their failed relationships made me feel safer. I believed I could trust them more if they were pristine and spotless.

That said, I would say the greatest thing I’ve learned from all my teachers is this:

Take the teaching. Don’t take the teacher. Because we teach what we most need to learn.

The risk in holding someone on a pedestal is that they can topple and fall.

We’re all teachers. We’re all experts in something. We all know something, at least, really well.

We may have learned it (or partially learned it) from someone else and can give credit where credit is due. We’re grateful. Without them, we wouldn’t have learned.

I had a teacher, Don Miguel Ruiz, author of The Four Agreements.

He taught me this:

Don’t believe me. Don’t believe anyone else. Don’t believe yourself.

That crushes the ego, doesn’t it?

Too often we grip onto what we know. Onto another’s beliefs. Onto our own beliefs — fixed, setting them in stone and forgetting our fluidity.

Wishing you a week of accepting perfect imperfection!

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Lynn Newman