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When Dreams Happen Even When You Question

I’m super excited to tell you that I just got a book deal for a book I’ve been working on for the last five years. It’s a passion love project and I’M OVER THE MOON THRILLED that’s it’s going to be published and to share it with you. It’s about embracing creativity to overcome life difficulties.

It’s part memoir style storytelling, part workbook, part guide to discovering your inner creativity. We muse on passions and dreams, handling loss and grief, fearlessly meeting transitions, and finding lasting joy, peace and happiness.

I’m also creating a new website with lots of new free material to download and experience, with free workshops, and a new course.

So as I meet my own dreams with a love of supporting you I’d like to ask—from the bottom of my heart—if you would help me. I have 5 questions to ask you that would help so much in making my offerings perfectly suited for you.

If you wouldn’t mind doing my a HUGE favor — these 5 anonymous questions are HERE for you to answer. They are private, only for me, and I will hold them close and dear. Scouts honor.

You see, my greatest purpose in life is to make a difference. I want to help. I want to ease fears. I love to add a little inspiration and a helping hand and let you know I care. I want to help MORE. I want to offer tools and practices and practical steps to help you create everything you want in your life and relationships.

And your help in understanding a little more about what you need (even secretly) would make all the difference.

Do you mind helping me? I sure do appreciate you. You can answer these anonymous questions for me HERE.

In truth, I wondered as I kept working for five years if my book would ever be published. And my publisher approached me—which blew my mind and made me very happy. But there were many times when I questioned myself and wondered if my dreams of publishing this book would happen. I struggled sometimes to keep writing, keeping up my passions, and took one action step at a time—fingers to keyboard word by word—to the best of my ability.

Yet the book that pulled on me for so many years was so happy to have my attention. It truly made me elated for just showing up. It’s like it gave me a giant hug. Even if it felt like drudgery on certain days, somehow each step towards attaining my goals awakened me. As I continue to take action steps to build my dreams, that gratified feeling accumulated, continuing to increase my energy.

Now I desire to go to a new level. I want to offer more than just these Sunday Letters and I’d love your assistance. I’m interested in who you are, what your challenges are, and how I can make more of a difference. (Here’s the link again)

Thank you SO much and sending you all my love! 

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Lynn Newman