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3 Tips To Getting What You Want Faster.

A reader asks:

When I’m trusting the repeated signs to wait for something new that’s soon to manifest, I struggle with the doubt guy inside me who wants to be practical and ignore the idea of waiting for what I’m being told is something perfect and to wait patiently. (Using Oracle cards and intuition.) Am I doing the right thing by waiting? Am I fooling myself by following my heart? It’s like being in uncharted waters and faith is my paddle, but I’m being told to not use the paddle right now. Just wait and see where you end up?

Waiting SUCKS. I know this feeling all too well — when we trust and have faith that the good will come, but in the meantime, we feel like we’re sitting around, twiddling our thumbs.

When I started working on The Game of You, I poured my guts into it for a long time. Unlike other creative projects, I KNEW deep inside it was something that could support others. But it’s easy to doubt the timing of a final product, even when you’re completely inspired by a vision.

Every year or so I get a psychic reading. Every time I do this, I tell myself to be careful. Insight into my future could relieve my anxiety temporarily, but it obviously doesn’t mean it’ll actually happen.

Once I was told by my friend Colette Baron Reid, a world-renown psychic (who’d been very correct about her predictions before), that I was going to publish a book and card deck set. I’d already started painting the cards for The Game of You, and she saw it.

I also remember her telling me that most psychics can see into the future but can’t determine timing.

When I finished the game, I sent it out to a few publishers but no word back for many months. One night, I was talking on the phone with my best friend, and I was depressed. Had I wasted my time and energy?

Sure enough, I got the call from Schiffer Publishing the next day. It wowed me so much, I’ve never forgotten it. But here’s the rub:

I didn’t get the call until 3 years after that session with Colette.

My point?

Our own intuition KNOWS. Just like this reader may know. Just like we all know when we have a strong sense.

Even if we trust our intuition, time plays its own hand in its own accord.

So meanwhile, how do we hurry up the process of creating what we want?

1.) Fill the gap with creativity.

Use the time to explore, play, and do fun things you wouldn’t otherwise do. Treat it like an adventure, like on a trip to a place you’ve always wanted to go but never thought you would.

Look for deeper ways to find self-fulfillment and nurturance.

That way, when it’s ripe and ready and the fruit drops, you have so much more to bring to the experience.

And I’m willing to bet it’s THAT thing that was meant to happen in order for what you want to enter faster.

2.) Get physical to counteract anxiety.

Use the energy that’s jutting out into future-thinking to get into your body. Sweat. Burn it off. Don’t use a treadmill. Get outside. Move.

Seek nature to ground.

Use this as a time to build a stronger infrastructure of health. Eat cleanly. Juice. Whatever your body is asking of you. That way, when the thing you want comes, you’ve built a solid foundation and you’re more prepared for it than ever.

3.) Give future-predicting modalities a break.

In times of worry, don’t call a psychic or astrologist or whatever. Put the oracle cards away for awhile. It fuels future thinking and creates more restlessness.

This is one reason why I created The Game Of You to be of present time and not to be used like a traditional Tarot deck.

When we try to ease our anxiety by anticipating our future, it’s a sign we’re avoiding an uncomfortable feeling in the present moment.

Meet the feelings rather than distract yourself from them. Use the same intuition you’re using to tune into the future to experience what you’re feeling right now.

I bet you find something interesting that’s ready to release. Perhaps, even awakening. By emptying our overflowing cup, we let go of the old and are born anew.

Wishing you perfect timing!

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Lynn Newman